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As part of a major update for Google Weather, the Mountain View giant is preparing a crowdsourcing feature to refine its assessment of weather conditions at a local level.

The Waze of the weather. In a much more basic way, it’s a bit like Google’s idea for its Weather service, which should soon benefit from a major update (reserved for Pixel devices) allowing it to adopt the new Material You design. , but also the “Nowcast” function for more precise weather forecasts (mainly rain, hail and snow) with hourly updates. At the same time, we learn that the firm is also working to improve its local weather forecasts thanks to a system of crowdsourcing simplified.

As pointed out 9to5Google, the Android weather application can indeed, if necessary, ask its users if it is currently raining at home. On the user side, the interaction will be minimal, and therefore fast, Google displaying only two possible answers: “Yes” or “No”. If you don’t have any rain, the app will even quip ” Thanks, I’m glad you’re dry for now “. A basic method, but effective on paper to ” provide weather information where you are “promises the company.

Google Weather, what’s new on Pixels?

According to Google, user support will allow it to ” check the quality of meteorological results and update the data ” easier. It should also be noted that this technique is already used by the group, but this time in a much more serious context: earthquakes. After a shock, the firm can in some cases solicit users who immediately launched a search on this subject to find out more.

Google Weather in its old version (left) and in its new current one (right) // Source: 9to5Google

As mentioned above, the Weather application for Pixel devices (smartphones and tablets) will for the rest be modernized through a new interface unveiled for the first time in December. No major upheaval, but a change of style and some adjustments in the layout of the various information.

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