Why Google is ridiculing Apple with this anti “green bubbles” ad

In a humorous advertising spot, Google once again attacks Apple… this time on the issue of the RCS protocol, and its non-adoption by the Cupertino giant. A lack of support which results in the appearance of the famous green bubbles during iMessages conversations between iPhones and Android devices.

Why do messages sent from an Android smartphone arrive as a green bubble in iMessage conversations on an iPhone? Google answers the question by, in passing, taking the lead from Apple in a new advertising spot put online recently (others had been shared to mock the shortcomings of the iPhone compared to the Google Pixel).

Titled ” Meet iPager», the latter uses the codes used by Apple during the presentation of a new product, but this time to denounce the attitude, sometimes sectarian, sometimes retrograde, of the Cupertino giant with regard to the RCS (Rich Communication Services) protocol. ). This messaging standard, pushed forward by Google for years now, would put an end to the famous green bubbles observed in the iPhone Messages application… while bringing a host of other improvements during message exchanges between Android devices and iOS.

In the video, we therefore see a false advertisement for a pager called iPager. The clip clearly suggests that Apple remains attached to old technologies and lists some of the disadvantages generated by its policy of remaining non-compatible with RCS. So understand that because of Apple, conversations between iPhone and Android smartphone are “nightmares” with “zero encryption“, of the “broken group chats“, of the “pixelated videos» and, obviously, the “famous green bubbles“.

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The nightmares of modern technology»

If Apple adopted the RCS standard, it would join the rest of the mobile industry that is committed to improving the cross-platform messaging experience for everyone», commented Google via a press release sent toAndroid Authority. The message is clear, as is the appeal. It must be said that Apple seems firm in its positions on the matter, including in the face of requests from Europe, which more or less go in the same direction as requests (more teasing) from Google.

Finally, let us note that beyond the indisputable improvements that the adoption of the RCS by Apple would bring, this affair of “blue bubbles/green bubbles” is much less trivial than it seems. Mainly in the United States. As absurd as it may seem, cases of harassment and/or discrimination have in fact been reported, particularly among adolescents, towards users appearing in green in text exchanges.

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