Why did Tesla suddenly remove this new feature from its new Model 3?

Hide this camera that I can’t see! Tesla has removed from its website all images showing the famous camera located under the front bumper of the new Model 3. What is Elon Musk’s company playing at?

Only a few days ago the new generation Tesla Model 3 was announced, which is full of interesting new features. Moreover, a camera located under the front shield caught our attention, since Tesla did not mention it anywhere. Today, it has disappeared from the site. What is the American manufacturer playing at?

Move along, nothing to see

If an error can always happen when releasing a new product, we still find it hard to believe that the Texan firm has published visuals of a Tesla Model 3 with a camera on the front of the bumper without anyone noticing it internally.

What’s more, Elon Musk’s silence following the announcement of the new version of his flagship electric vehicle makes us say that Tesla has not yet revealed all the secrets relating to the famous Model 3 Highland.

As you probably know, two new versions of the Tesla Model 3 have been available for order since last week. These are the Tesla Model 3 Propulsion and Tesla Model 3 Long Autonomy. The Tesla Model 3 Performance has disappeared from the radar, but should reappear quickly. There are plenty of improvements with this update, both inside and out, and the build quality is supposedly much better.

Therefore, we can imagine only one scenario regarding the front camera of the Tesla Model 3: the first deliveries will skip the latter, and it will only be later that it will arrive on the electric sedan. Indeed, if we rule out the possibility of an unfortunate error during the publication of the visuals, this means thatthere will indeed be Tesla Model 3s with this camera under the front bumper.

However, as Tesla removed all images and videos that showed this camera, first-time buyers should not expect to find one when they take possession in the coming weeks. But like the Tesla Model 3 Performance which disappeared, this camera will inevitably reappear in the near future. It is also likely that Tesla quickly deleted the videos which displayed this additional camera, and did not officially communicate on it so as not to deprive itself of certain orders.

Tesla Model 3 with or without front camera?

Indeed, if Tesla announces today that Model 3s ordered between today and next January will not have a camera under the front bumper, but that all orders placed afterward will have it, the company will have a problem. crazy to fill his order book. Its ostrich strategy is perhaps trying to pass unnoticed which will not have the Tesla Model 3 Highland which will come off the production lines first.

Is this a supply concern, or is Tesla wanting to reserve this camera for the Performance model for example? Only the future will tell us. Note that the Tesla Model S, Model Y and Model X do not, to date, have a camera under their front bumper. To remain attractive, these three vehicles must not fall significantly behind in technology compared to the Model 3. There remains a lot of vagueness around this camera, and it is likely that we have not yet heard the last of it.

As a reminder, this camera should make it possible to considerably improve driving aids, particularly for low-speed maneuvers with Tesla Vision.

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