why choose Google Workspace, Google’s professional suite

A proven office suite. A secure storage space. Modern, collaborative and efficient tools. A particularly attractive price. That’s Google’s promise with Google Workspace.

Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace is the professional counterpart to Google’s online office suite. A version boosted with hormones which brings together the usual Google Doc, Sheets, Slide or Agenda, an extended storage space, but also a host of features adapted to the needs of small and large companies. A valuable tool that allows all employees to benefit from a complete, secure and collaborative ecosystem.

In order to best meet the needs of your company, and those who make it up, Google Workspace is available in several formulas that revolve around a common core, and benefit from additional more or less advanced features. Available from 5.75 euros per month and per user in its Starter version, Google Workspace is a powerful, versatile tool, which aims to improve the work processes and productivity of your company.

Tools specifically designed for professionals

If Google Workspace gives access to a good part of the tools offered by Google One, especially in terms of office applications, this version dedicated to professionals is more advanced in all respects. Each of the classic tools in the Google suite benefits from improvements designed to make life easier for your employees:

  • Gmail: in addition to a professional email address personalized for your company, Gmail gains some very practical features. Say goodbye to in-mail ads, and hello to extended spam and phishing protection;
  • Google Calendar: Google’s calendar is beefing up to make collaboration across your business easier. Beyond the sharing of calendars between collaborators, Google Calendar also makes it easy to browse and book rooms in order to organize meetings. The Standard and Plus formulas also benefit from a system of very efficient appointment scheduling ;
  • Google Meet:Basically, the professional version of Meet allows you to create calls that can last up to 24 hours and has a digital whiteboard to write down all your ideas. If the Starter version can only accommodate 100 participants, the Standard and Business versions increase this limit to 150 and 500. These two versions also benefit from a great advantage with a noise cancellation feature and the possibility ofrecord and store meetings directly in Drive.

The entire office suite from Google is obviously part of it and again, this version designed for professionals benefits from some nice additions. From the Starter formula, you benefit, in addition to Docs, Sheets and Slides, from other tools such as Keep, Sites or Forms to help you achieve your goals. Additional features like Smart Fill, Smart Cleanup and Answers make it easier to analyze your documents to get the most out of them.

Extensive online storage for all your employees

Whatever the nature of your business, it’s a safe bet that you and your employees have to juggle a plethora of documents and files on a daily basis. By opting for Google Workspace, you benefit from access to a dedicated storage space in the Google Cloud. Secure, this space is also compatible with more than 100 file types. In its Starter version, your employees will have access to 30 GB to host their documents.

If you decide to opt for the Standard plan, or Plus, this storage space will respectively increase to 2 TB and 5 TB . These two formulas also give access to new features such as a shared Drive for your team, or the possibility of simply sharing files with stakeholders outside your company.

An ecosystem at the forefront of innovation that is constantly evolving

Google Workspace is fertile ground for innovation and Google is working hard to improve the user experience. How ? By regularly developing and adding new features that use the latest technological advances, particularly in terms of AI.

Last year, more than 300 new features were added to Google Workspace. Some minor, others much more impressive.

This is for example the case with Smart Canvas. This feature specific to Google Doc makes it very easy to integrate interactive elements with a simple @. Whether you want to indicate a contact from your list of collaborators, link a file or create a task list, a few seconds are enough.

Google Meet has also taken full advantage of these improvements. There is now a feature that allows you to automatically generate subtitles when you or your interlocutors speak. Thanks to AI, the quality of your video calls will also be greatly improved. For one, by automatically adjusting the brightness of calls that are too dark to make them brighter. On the other, by giving you the opportunity to create a virtual light source to provide ambiance to your calls, and make you look your best.

Discover Google Workspace from 5.75 euros per month

In order to adapt to the needs of your structure, and your employees, Google Workspace is available in three versions which offer more or less functionality:

  • Google Workspace Starter: this is the “simplest” version of the lot. Offered from 5.75 euros per month and per employee, it offers a professional email, a storage space of 30 GB per employee, videoconferences for up to 100 participants and many other advantages;
  • Google Workspace Standard: this advanced version, offered from 11.50 euros per month and per employee, offers a professional email, a storage space of 2 TB per employee, videoconferences for up to 1,500 participants, the possibility of recording said conferences and many other benefits;
  • Google Workspace Plus:with this Plus version, you get the ultimate in Google Workspace services. This offer includes most of the advantages of the Standard offer, but increases the storage space to 5 TB per employee and the number of videoconference participants to 500. It also gains advanced management security features such as Vault. Google Workspace Plus is available for 17.25 euros per month and per employee.

If you want to discover the services of Google Workspace before committing, know that Google has thought of you. The service has a 14-day free trial offer, which is more than enough to find out if the ecosystem is right for you. In case of a problem, finally know that Google Workspace offers 24/7 assistance for all its customers.

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