Why buy a Tesla Model S rather than the new Model 3

With the announcement of the new Tesla Model 3, the Tesla Model S has some concerns to worry about. The interior is much more elaborate on the new version of the Model 3, which was an advantage of the Model S until then. What’s left for Tesla’s flagship to beat the Model 3?

With the arrival of the new Tesla Model 3, which has notably gained in autonomy, we can ask ourselves the question of the interest of buying a Tesla Model S. However, the high-end sedan from Elon Musk’s firm has more than one trick up his sleeve.

Is a Tesla Model S still worth it today?

Offered today for less than 100,000 euros, the Tesla Model S combines various advantages over its little sister the Model 3. First of all, the Tesla Model S has a tailgate instead of a trunk. Those who have moved from the Tesla Model 3 to the Tesla Model Y can attest to this: it is infinitely more practical for transporting bulky objects or simply for going on vacation.

In addition, the Tesla Model S is of a higher range than the Tesla Model 3, and the manufacturer makes this known as soon as you get inside. In particular, we find three screens within the Tesla Model S (with the instrument cluster), compared to two for the Tesla Model 3. The soundproofing on board the Tesla Model S is also high level, with active reduction noise, which is not found on the entry-level electric sedan.

The performances are also there. The Tesla Model S accelerates faster than the Tesla Model 3, and has a higher top speed (up to 322 km/h for the Model S Plaid, with 0 to 100 km/h in 2.1 seconds). Although the Model 3 is very lively and has a sporty profile, it is clear that it is no match for the Model S.

Comfort is also much higher on the Tesla Model S, whether thanks to the seats, but also and especially with the air suspensions. In addition, at the moment, Steam is not (yet) available in the Tesla Model 3, which can also make a difference for players.

Who buys the Tesla Model S?

However, the real point which allows us to decide between these two electric sedans is that of the budget. It must be admitted that with more than 55,000 euros difference between a Tesla Model 3 and a Tesla Model S, it is necessary to double the budget to move from one to the other electric sedan of the brand.

Tesla Model 3 Highland

People who think in terms of value for money will never pick up the Tesla Model S at a dealership. However, those who value an overall neater interior, a larger vehicle and a much greater useful volume, the Tesla Model S may be an excellent choice.

What’s more, the exterior appearance of the Tesla Model S is much less common than that of the Tesla Model 3. This is something that can matter as we see more and more Tesla Model 3s on cars. French roads, especially for people with a six-figure budget.

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