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At the end of each quarter, interesting opportunities arise if you are looking for a Tesla. However, it is necessary to be well prepared.

The end of the quarter is traditionally a period of discounts at Tesla. The Palo Alto firm seeks to boost its sales before the close of its quarterly balance sheet, offering increasingly significant reductions on a growing number of models. This marketing strategy, which is not unique to Tesla, aims to create a spike in activity and sell off inventory.

This time, at the end of the second quarter of 2023, we therefore find models like the Tesla Model 3 Grande Autonomie with a selling price displayed at 41,990 euros (with the ecological bonus)instead of the usual 49,990 euros.

Tesla is thus offering a discount of several thousand euros on this particular model. Interested buyers should visit Tesla’s website, in the dedicated section ” Available Vehicles to take advantage of these offers. We recommend that you consult the site at the start of the day, ideally very early, as this is when new vehicles are usually added. Don’t let too much time pass before making a decision, as these vehicles leave quickly. Also remember to check the location of the vehicle you covet, as you may have to travel to collect it.

As you might expect, these models sell out quickly and may also require traveling a little further to enjoy them.

Quick funding is required

However, a major constraint for many buyers is quick and efficient access to financing to take advantage of these limited offers. The ability to quickly mobilize the necessary funds is all the more crucial in the current economic context, where financing processes can be longer due to the pressure exerted on banks and their increased caution in granting loans. Potential buyers must therefore prepare their financing file upstream and be ready to act quickly to seize these opportunities.

Also keep in mind that Tesla may offer new discounts later in the year. Due to fluctuating demand and supply chain challenges, vehicle inventory is building up faster.

In this context, potential buyers must weigh the pros and cons: take advantage of current discounts or take the risk of waiting for possible better offers in the future.

A difficult strategy to follow

You would have understood it, Tesla’s pricing strategy is very difficult to follow, and customers can obviously complain about that. Imagine, you order a Tesla Model Y three weeks before a price drop of around 5,000 euros? What’s wrong with having it?

Indeed, but above all do not expect a commercial gesture from the manufacturer, unless you have really placed an order in the last days before the drop. At Tesla, there is no franchise network, thus allowing the manufacturer to control its prices and, consequently, never to apply a commercial discount. The price displayed on the website, where all the information is available and where the purchase process takes place, is the price you will pay.

Is it time to crack?

If you’re wondering if it’s time to crack, it’s hard to give you a clear answer. Indeed, we are waiting for news on various topics, including Hardware 4.

Currently, no camera is present at the level of the front bumper – and this is moreover a problem in the absence of ultrasonic sensors -, and only one camera is located in the center of the rear bumper, above above the license plate. That doesn’t mean the current Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are bad, though., far from it: with the drop in price at the start of the year, they are also considered to be one of the best price / performance ratios on the electric market. By adding these temporary discounts, these offers are interesting.

Nevertheless, with the current very short deadlines, it is probably worth waiting if you are not in a hurry. New models will likely be able to sell at today’s price, and the price of today’s Model 3 and Model Y on the used market will inevitably drop. This will make for good business, no doubt.

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