Who needs a 49-inch monitor?  The answer is simple

Who needs a 49-inch monitor? The answer is simple

Philips is launching a new 49-inch monitor that is perfect for video conferencing and office work.

MMD, producer Philips monitorsintroduced a new one monitor marked 49B2U6900CH. The equipment is equipped with camera with Autoframing function, adjusting the frame to the user’s position. There is also Busylight lighting at the top of the display, which, by changing its color, informs people around, for example, that a video conference is taking place at a given station.

Large workspace and multifunctional camera

The display is equipped with 49-inch curved screen with 32:9 aspect ratio and 5120 x 1440 px resolution. It provides a lot of working space, equal to two connected 27-inch monitors with a 16:9 aspect ratio. This makes it useful, for example, for video or music creators, where a view of the entire project timeline is useful.

Above the screen is located camera equipped with Autoframing function. This means that it will automatically adjust the frame to the position of the speaker. When there are several interlocutors in front of the monitor at the same time, e.g. during meetings in conference rooms, the camera will focus on the person who is currently speaking.

Additionally, the camera housing contains: Busylight lighting, which adjusts its color to the user’s status in messengers such as Microsoft Teams. Thanks to this solution, every person in the office will be able to easily see that a conversation is currently taking place at a given position or that the employee is on a break. Additionally, the light can be turned on with a physical button. This option may be useful when the user wants to work independently with full concentration.

Philips 49B2U6900CH will be available in stores from February. The suggested price of this model is PLN 5,471.

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