Who is Bosch’s promising new motor aimed at? First elements of response

Barely announced that the latest from Bosch, the famous Performance Line SX, is already found in a freshly formalized electric bike. But then, in what types of VAE will he invite himself? It will be a trail type VVTAE to start with.

In June, Bosch held its traditional conference to outline its plan of attack for the second half of 2023, and present its vision for the start of the 2024 vintage. Among the promising new features discussed were the Performance Line SX engine, which joins thus a rich and versatile family today made up of eight training units.

The manufacturer Nicolai Bicycles was quick to integrate this new solution into its electric models. As soon as the Line SX was presented, its Saturn Swift range was updated with this brand new system: the Saturn 11 Swift and Saturn 14 Swift are thus entitled to it. This shows us in which type of bike the Line SX fits.

Lightness on the menu

This pair falls into the category of trail-type VTTAE, i.e. electric mountain bikes cut for relatively long distances and more or less technical trails. They differ from models made for enduro, intended for large positive and negative elevations with high technical requirements.

Nicolai Bicycles

In any case, this corresponds perfectly to Bosch’s vision: on its site and during its presentation, the German firm indeed targeted light VTTAE, gravel and urban bikes. The Saturn 11 Swift and 14 therefore belong to this first category: the first displays a featherweight of 16.5 kg, against 19.4 to 19.8 kg for the second, depending on its version – a Performance Line CX would have made them pass the symbolic bar of 20 kg.

By design, the Bosch Performance Line SX has significant advantages for this type of cycle: it boasts an excellent power-to-weight ratio with a weight contained at 4 kg for the entire system (with battery included) and 2 kg for the motor alone, as well as a torque of 55 Nm. Here, Nicolai Bicycles has chosen a 400 Wh Compact Tube battery.

Bikes not easily accessible

This further allows them to add front and rear suspension – which usually tends to add weight – without making e-MTBs fly over 25kg. It is an interesting combination of elements to control the balance of the machine. The Saturn Swifts are a good proof of this, at least on paper.

Rest assured: you should also come across the Performance Line SX on urban electric bikes at more affordable prices. Because the Saturn 11 and 14 are clearly not for all budgets: 14,999 euros for the first, between 8,999 to 11,999 euros for the second depending on the version chosen.

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