which subscription to choose in June 2023?

You’ve finally decided to subscribe to Netflix, but you still don’t know which formula would suit you best and at what price? Here is which Netflix subscription to choose with detailed prices and services included.

Netflix is ​​constantly in the news. Between a new price increase in 2022, the experiments concerning account sharing and the implementation of a subscription integrating advertising for less, the American streaming service never ceases to be talked about. Not sure which Netflix subscription to choose? Here is our comparison of offers by price.

What is certain is that with the proliferation of streaming services, it is necessary to choose your level of subscription carefully according to your desires (films and series) and especially your wallet, the monthly bill risking quickly climb. Fortunately, it is also possible to lower prices with a few tricks, Internet operators being fond of bundled offers with a key subscription. Note that if Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming service on the market, it is also the most expensive. If you ever want to unsubscribe, go to this page.

What are Netflix subscription prices in June 2023?

Netflix currently offers four subscription offers for its service, all of which have distinct characteristics based on price positioning.

Netflix Essential (with ads) Netflix Essential NetflixStandard NetflixPremium
Monthly price €5.99 €8.99 €13.49 €17.99
Number of screens available simultaneously 1 1 2 4
Number of devices for content download (offline mode) 1 1 2 4
Unlimited access to the entire catalog 85% of the catalog Yes Yes Yes
Smartphone, computer, smartphone and tablet compatibility Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image quality 720p (HD) 720p (HD) 1080p (Full HD) UHD/4K (with HDR and Dolby Vision support

Essential package at €8.99/month (€5.99/month with advertising)

This is the entry offer to have access to the service. For this price, you will of course be entitled to the entire catalog in 720p (HD). It is a package that is mainly aimed at people who are not very attentive to video quality or who consume VOD mainly on mobile or tablet. The Essential package is also limited to a single screen simultaneouslyso it doesn’t say if you want to share your subscription with family or friends and have them watch a feed or series at the same time as you.

Since November 3, 2022, this offer has been enhanced with a version including advertisements for a lower price. These advertisements are generally broadcast before or during most films and series. However, Netflix announces that 85% of the catalog is accessible via this offer.

Standard Plan at €13.49/month

It is the intermediate subscription which offers a much more advantageous quality of service. For this price, we are entitled to image quality up to 1080p (Full HD) with the ability to share your account with two screens simultaneously. A package designed above all for families and couples.

Premium package at €17.99/month

Here is the most expensive, but also the most complete package of Netflix’s overall offer. For this price, we are entitled to the highest image quality, up to 4Kwith support for HDR and Dolby Atmos for compatible content. This plan is perfect for movie lovers who want the best possible quality (for streaming). It will also be ideal for sharing with family and friends since it is possible to have up to four screens simultaneously with the same viewing quality.

The end of Netflix account sharing

Since the end of May 2023, it is theoretically no longer possible to share your Netflix account with third parties other than your immediate family or at least that of your “home”. This term put forward by the firm designates people living together in a dwelling, identifiable via a single IP address. Once this household is defined and the people have their access to it, they can have the service from anywhere, whether at home, on the road or on vacation via the transfer account function and the management of access and devices.

A way for Netflix to better control the use of individual accounts and above all to charge access to an account by a third party at 5.99 euros (standard account) and 8.99 euros (essential account) per month and per additional person, regardless of subscription level. This option also gives rise to restrictions for the additional subscriber that we detail in the article below.

How to subscribe to Netflix?

If the prices are fixed from the official Netflix platform, there are still several ways to lower the bill and in particular through the offers of Internet box operators.

Subscribe to Netflix from the website or app

If it was still possible before to take advantage of a 30-day trial period by subscribing to Netflix, this is unfortunately no longer the case today. On the other hand, it is quite possible to be reimbursed for your subscription within a period of 7 days. This is the legal right of withdrawal, but you still pay the first monthly installment. So remember to contact Netflix customer service before the first 7 days of your subscription if you are not satisfied.

To subscribe to the service, nothing could be simpler. Go to the official website and enter your email address. You can also go through this link which makes things even easier.

Netflix accepts payment via bank details, PayPal or gift code if you have one.

Subscribe to Netflix from your Internet service provider

This is the simplest alternative for paying less for your subscription or for grouping your monthly bills: use a free subscription (for a given period) or offered by an Internet box operator.

At the house of Free, it is with the Delta offers that a Netflix subscription (essential package) is included, at no additional cost. The offer Freebox Delta including a Freebox Delta, a Player Pop and a complete TV/VOD catalog (with Amazon Prime and Apple TV+ for 3 months) is only 39.99 euros/month for 1 year before going to 49.99 euros/month. This is a non-binding offer.

At the house of SFRthe current offer includes a subscription to Netflix (Standard plan) for 6 months. This subscription is available from 16 euros per month without commitment and up to 34 euros per month for one year with a 12 month commitment.

If you already have a Netflix account, it can be added to your SFR account and be reimbursed (or partially) by the operator for the duration of the promotional offer.

Canal+ also offers the possibility of obtaining a subscription to Netflix in addition to Disney +, OCS and StarzPlay. The latter is included in the offer CANAL+ CINE SERIES for 34.99 euros per month with a 24-month commitment. Note that if you are under 26, the subscription is non-binding and half price, or 20.49 euros per month.

The Netflix account for the Canal+ offer corresponds to the standard level (13.49 euros/month, 2 screens in Full HD), but you have the option of switching to a Premium account (17.99 euros/month, 4 UHD 4K screens ) and pay the difference in the Canal+ subscription.

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