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If the uses of a VPN are today numerous and essential for its online security, bypassing the geoblocking of VOD platforms like Netflix is ​​a good part of the reasons for investing in one of these services. But which VPNs are compatible? Answer in this article.

If you have been interested in the VPN market directly or indirectly, you must have noticed that there are a particularly large number of players. ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN… today there are dozens of more or less well-known brands that offer the same service, but the features and performance make it possible to decide between them. The main function of a VPN comes down to the possibility of connecting to servers located in all four corners of the world, and therefore of having access to services only distributed on the spot. We therefore think first of all of VOD services, whose catalogs differ from those in France.

How to decide between a service that is identical in every way on paper?

On paper, it’s hard to tell one VPN from another. How to decide between two suppliers who offer thousands of servers at prices sometimes ranging from simple to double? The answer lies in the quality of the services offered: speed of the servers, stability of the connection, possibility of downloading in peer to peer (torrent) and of course the possibility of accessing the American catalog of Netflix.

On most of these criteria, it is difficult to judge the quality of a VPN provider without having been able to actually test their services. This is especially the case when it comes to accessing Netflix US. The American SVOD company has in fact implemented an anti-VPN system for some time now. Some manage to circumvent it depending on the servers (sometimes dedicated), while others simply do not succeed.

Is it legal?

In theory, it is legal to use a VPN to connect to a VOD service, brands are not fooled and know very well that this is a very popular use for their customers. However, it should be borne in mind that the legislation and the general conditions of use may vary from one country to another. So remember to find out about the local rules in force regarding the use of a VPN.

Why are free VPNs ineffective?

To avoid putting your hand in your pocket on top of the already high prices of subscriptions to VOD platforms, we would from time to time be tempted to turn to free VPNs to reduce the bill, however this is not the best idea. whether. For what ? Quite simply, because the nature of a free VPN first of all greatly limits the bandwidth and the number of servers, it is quite rare to come across a service that allows you to stream videos from one server to another. end of the world. But it is above all on questions of security that you have to turn, the article below could help you to see more clearly on this point.

Which VPNs Effectively Access Netflix US (or Other Countries)

Our VPN comparator allows you to know in the blink of an eye which are the best VPNs with regard to access to the various foreign catalogs. However, we have tested which perform best with the best performance.


First of all, its interface couldn’t be simpler and more complete with, as soon as the application is launched, a map of the world is displayed. Just walk around and click on a country icon to connect to it, and there are over 60 with over 5500 servers. Its other strong point concerns its performance with excellent speeds and a very controlled ping depending on the country where you connect, even if you should not expect miracles from the other side of the world. Whatever the use, NordVPN responds remarkably to the effort and especially for video streaming from VOD platforms, Netflix in particular. All this is enhanced by the use of the NordLynx network protocol, one of the best on the market and exclusive to NordVPN.

To access Netflix’s American catalogs, simply connect to one of the 17 US servers. There may be malfunctions depending on the servers, hence the interest in switching from one to another to obtain the correct IP.

To learn more, you can read our full NordVPN review.


Express VPN is one of the services with one of the best reputations on the market. Above all, it offers very good performance and relies on its simplicity as well as its availability on many devices.

With around 3,000 servers spread across 94 countries, Express VPN is clearly not the VPN with the biggest punch. The connection speeds are excellent and allow you to enjoy streaming from foreign VOD platforms in the best possible quality. Even if unlike its competitor above, it does not have dedicated servers, you will simply have to connect to the server of the corresponding country. During our tests, we were able to connect very easily to US, Canadian, British, French, Japanese and Australian servers.

If you want to learn more, be sure to check out our full ExpressVPN review.


ProtonVPN is a veteran of the world of online virtual networks, moreover, it is Swiss, a sure guarantee of confidentiality in the world of virtual private networks. The service has more than 3000 servers in 67 destinations and offers excellent performance regardless of the country (depending on the distance of course). It also offers a very effective geoblocking bypass system. Simply connect to an American, Canadian or German server to access Netflix’s national catalogs. But also other main players in streaming video. Beware, however, of its free version which offers limited bandwidth and a limited number of servers, the United States being absent from this list.

If you want to learn more, be sure to check out our full ProtonVPN review.

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