Jaki komputer do gier i pracy? Gotowe zestawy na maj 2024

Which computer for gaming and work? Ready sets for May 2024

Which computer for gaming and work?  Ready sets for May 2024

Are you looking for a gaming PC? An efficient workstation? Or maybe a cheap set for office work? No matter how much you want to spend, with our recommended computer sets for May 2024 you will find something for yourself!

How do we assemble the recommended computer sets?

What matters most to us is the efficiency and reliability of the proposed components. These are computers designed for both gaming and typical work. We focus on a powerful processor, graphics card and fast RAM. In the background, although by no means ignored, are the motherboard, disk and power supply. In the case of data carriers, we completely abandon disk drives and only offer SSD media. Their prices are so low today that HDD structures lose their meaning in home computers. Especially considering the comfort of work.

Our proposals include both Intel and AMD processors; NVIDIA GeForce, but also AMD Radeon graphics cards. We do not try to artificially promote new products, especially when their price is not justified by performance, so you should not be surprised by the presence of 12th and 13th generation Intel Core sets. It is true that newer AMD Ryzen 7000 and Intel Raptor Lake Refresh are available in stores, but their prices are often much higher.

Which computer for gaming and work?  Ready sets for May 2024

The situation on the graphics card market is also complicated. It is true that the cryptocurrency craze is long behind us due to expensive electricity, however new generations such as AMD Radeon RX 7000 and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000 are much more expensive than their predecessors. And sometimes even worse and less future-proof – small VRAM, narrow data bus. Therefore, it is worth reaching for slightly older models while still possible and keeping an eye on the secondary market and used units.

Also remember that assembling computers is a very individual matter. Each of us has our own preferences regarding manufacturers or specific components. The current proposals have been prepared based on our knowledge and experience. However, if you think something should be changed, we will be happy to hear your suggestions in the comments.

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