When Tesla makes sponsorship a powerful sales tool with immediate discounts

In the automotive landscape, Tesla is often noted for its unique approaches. This time, it’s the sponsorship program that is talking. Relying on word-of-mouth to promote its products, Tesla is renewing its program by offering immediate discounts.

Good plan Refill

Benefit from a 10% discount on the cost of your top-ups, directly deducted from your next bills.

In the ecosystem of car manufacturers, Tesla occupies a special place. Already, they do not advertise, or almost (soon). Their direct-to-consumer, no-middleman method of selling offers unparalleled transparency in an industry known for its often opaque trading practices. In addition to these fixed prices, Tesla has also set up a referral program, which offers benefits to both sponsors and godchildren.

This program, deployed for several years, is based on a simple but powerful idea: to transform satisfied customers into prescribers. Through this, Tesla capitalizes on word-of-mouth, one of the most effective and authentic marketing tools. By encouraging Tesla owners to share their positive experience with those around them, the American company strengthens the loyalty of its existing customers and attracts new buyers.

Immediate discounts

However, Tesla is not resting on its laurels. Recently, the company made significant improvements to its referral program. From now on, godchildren benefit from a direct discount on the purchase of their vehicle: 1,000 euros for a Model S or a Model X, and 500 euros for the Model 3 and the Model Y.

This change is impactful, as it turns a previously abstract reward — points or free Supercharger miles — into a tangible, immediate saving. For sponsors, the new system generates credits that can be exchanged for merchandising, accessories for their car, charge kilometers or software options.

This diversity of rewards makes it possible to respond to the varied preferences of customers, and thus increases their motivation to participate in the program. Additionally, sponsors can self-sponsor the purchase of another vehicle to take advantage of similar discounts.

These improvements reflect Tesla’s desire to continue to optimize its referral program. By making rewards more tangible and attractive, the company has created an even more powerful marketing tool. It’s a shining example of how a customer-centric approach can energize a sales strategy.

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