what’s new in the new update in beta?

The PlayStation 5 is getting a new beta update today. We take a look at what’s new.

The PS5 will receive a new beta system software update today. Sony details the new features and some are really welcome!

More accessibility

Sony continues to focus on accessibility to catch up with the work done by Microsoft on the subject in recent years (like the Access Controller). In this update, it is now possible to assign a second controller to an account to serve as an assistant.

As with a driving school car that has two steering wheels, this feature allows a second person to take control of the console at any time as an assistant. The two DualSense play together as if it were a single controller.

It is also possible to activate haptic feedback effects in the menus of the PS5 in addition to sound effects. Good news for the visually impaired.

Dolby Atmos everywhere

With the PS5, Sony wanted to put the package on audio with its Tempest 3D technology. Currently compatible with the brand’s headphones, this technology can now be used with other equipment connected via HDMI and compatible with Dolby Atmos. If you have a sound bar or a home cinema, you will be able to take advantage of the spatialization, including on the upper channels.

Something new for parties

The Party interface is improving here with the possibility of inviting a player to join a closed Party without necessarily adding them to the group or creating a new group. Similarly, it is possible to invite an entire group and no longer just individuals.

In addition, when you want to join a Party in which a player is sharing his screen, you will have a preview of the screen in question.

The social in the spotlight

In the tab ” Friends you see directly those who perform an activity in which you can participate, and in the game center you will see how many tournaments you participate in and your best ranking.

Finally, it is possible to react to messages received with emojis, as is now usually done on private messaging applications.

Quality of life improvements

We find in this update other new features designed to improve the experience within the interface of the PS5. For example, we can mention the search function in your game library or the improvement of the game help cards.

In the menu ” Guide and tips you’ll also find helpful tips for getting the most out of your console, and in the system settings you’ll find a new option to mute or adjust the volume of PS5 beeps. Convenient for starting a game discreetly.

Larger SSDs

Finally, the latest novelty will please those who buy a lot of digital games. The PS5’s M.2 SSDs can now reach a capacity of 8TB (up from 4TB previously).

Be careful though, the other criteria do not change, remember to check everything before buying a new SSD.

Still in beta

For the moment, these new features are reserved for beta testers. They will only be rolled out later this year worldwide.

If you’re in a hurry, you can always sign up for the beta program on PlayStation’s site.

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