What's new in Polsat Box Go.  There will be four fresh films

What’s new in Polsat Box Go. There will be four fresh films

Polsat has released a list of films that will soon be included in the Box Go service. They will include cinema hits and productions taking part in competitions.

The upcoming film premieres on Polsat Box Go include titles participating in the Main Competition of the 48th Gdynia Feature Film Festival: “Fire Festival” – a slightly magical, full of humor and emotion film directed by Kinga Dębska and a daringly acted, moving story about love and forgiveness and struggles with adversity – “One Soul”. The service will also include “Różyczka 2” with Magdalena Boczarska and Paweł Małaszyński, the prequel of which guaranteed director Jan Kidawa-Błoński the Golden Lion, among others. for the best film, as well as the cinematic “Ferrari” by Michael Mann with an unrecognizable Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari and Penelope Cruz accompanying him.

In the coming days, more titles will be added to the Polsat Box Go film offer, including:

  • “Fire Festival” – a film by Kinga Dębska, author of “Zupa nic” and “My Daughters of Cows”, based on the 2021 bestseller by Jakub Małecki under the same title; premiere on March 1.

    20-year-old Anastazja (Paulina Pytlak), raised by her father Poldek (Tomasz Sapryk), is addicted to comics, hot chocolate and in love with the boy next door. If she could, she would take him on a date or to the end of the world. Unfortunately, these are just dreams, because she has been confined to a wheelchair since childhood and communicates with her surroundings using a special program. He has the best relationship with his older sister Łucja (Joanna Drabik) – a rising star of the National Ballet. The lives of all three will enter a new stage when their feisty neighbor Józefina (Kinga Preis) knocks on their door.

  • “Little Rose 2” – sequel to the cult film from 2010; premiere on March 5.

    Joanna Warczewska (Magdalena Boczarska) has everything: great love and a thriving career. However, this orderly life is suddenly disrupted by a terrorist attack in which her beloved husband (Paweł Małaszyński) dies. When fate gives Joanna a new chance in life, she suffers another blow. Someone is sending photos and documents compromising her family, demanding hundreds of thousands of euros in exchange for silence. Joanna decides to face the blackmailer and the truth about her past on her own. What role will a mysterious agent (Jacek Braciak), an influential politician (Janusz Gajos) and a friend from the past (Robert Więckiewicz) play in this dramatic game?

  • “One Soul” – a moving story of a man who, from the bottom of his private hell, begins the path to purgatory and redemption; premiere on March 8.

    It is 1990 when Alojz (Dawid Ogrodnik) is born. Initially, the mother (Dorota Kolak) intends to abandon the boy, but eventually returns for her crying son. Years pass. An adult man is a tough miner, charismatic and listened to by his peers. However, his tendency to drink alcohol causes his loved ones – his wife Anna (Małgorzata Gorol) and his little sons – to suffer every day. When the woman, driven to the last resort, decides to leave her husband, a disaster occurs in the mine, in which Alojz, without hesitation, saves the life of his friend, whom he had previously been mercilessly harassing. The accident will be a turning point for the entire family.

  • “Ferrari” – a fascinating story of one of the greatest figures of the automotive industry; premiere on March 14.

    Former rally driver Enzo Ferrari is in the most difficult moment of his life. The company he has been building for 10 years with his beautiful wife, Laura, is on the verge of bankruptcy. The death of their son casts a tragic shadow over their previously happy family life. In this situation, Enzo decides to put everything on one card and take part in one of the most difficult races in the world, a rally of over 1,500 kilometers across Italy, known as the Mille Miglia. Victory is a chance to save the company. Losing means losing everything.

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