Na co pozwoli PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution w PS5 Pro? Na dużo

What will PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution allow for in PS5 Pro? For a lot

PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution is an image scaling technique that will come to PlayStation 5 Pro. What will he allow? Apparently for a lot.

PlayStation 5 Pro has fewer and fewer secrets for us. The latest leak not only revealed quite detailed specifications of the console, but also revealed that it will use an image scaling technique. This is called PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) and will reportedly allow for a smooth gameplay experience that has been impossible to achieve so far.

PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution

PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution is an image scaling technique that works on a similar principle to NVIDIA DLSS, Intel XeSS or AMD FidelityDX Super Resolution. This means that the graphics card can generate an image with a lower resolution (thus obtaining more frames per second), and appropriate algorithms scale the image to a higher resolution. Thanks to this, we obtain both good fluidity and high image quality. At least that’s how it looks in theory.

And PSSR will be used for the first time in the PlayStation 5 Pro console. The technology, combined with higher component efficiency, will allow for better results than before. For example, a game that previously ran at 60 fps with Ray Tracing turned off will be similarly smooth in PS5 Pro, but with ray tracing. In turn, productions that had no problems with smoothness will be displayed in a higher resolution thanks to image scaling.

Reports indicate that PlayStation 5 Pro with PSSR enabled will aim for 60 frames per second in 4K resolution (upscaled) or 30 frames in 8K. We’ll see how much of this turns out to be true. PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution, on the other hand, is said to offer better image quality than AMD FidelityDX Super Resolution.

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