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Arrived just a year ago in the MVNO landscape, YouPrice is already causing a stir thanks in particular to the very advantageous prices of its flexible packages, but also that it is possible to choose your operator (Orange or SFR). But what actually happens once the SIM card is inserted into the smartphone?

Who is the YouPrice operator?

On the scene of mobile operators and more particularly of MVNOs, YouPrice is a newcomer who has already caused a stir. The brand was created in 2022 by France Numérique, a multiservice company wishing to get into telecoms, through a partnership with Netcom Group, another operator offering network solutions for professionals.

When it was launched, the brand made no secret of its ambitions by affirming its desire to become a leader in the telecoms market in France in 2023. The strategy is simple: offer offers that cannot be found anywhere else and above all at the lowest possible prices, whether in 4G or 5G. of the network, in this case SFR and Orange with prices that may vary depending on one or the other. It is also the only operator that currently offers this possibility on the French market. Also note that the operator also takes into account the different call options (WiFi/VoLTE).

Mobile plan offers at YouPrice

As mentioned above, YouPrice is currently the only operator on the market to offer multi-network packages. The latter are also surprisingly offered at the same prices for the same services in terms of data. The offer generally revolves around 4 to 5 packages depending on the commercial periods. Let’s move on to the package called “Le Mini” which, as its name suggests, only offers a simple envelope of 3 GB to focus on the other 3 much more interesting levels:

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From the outset, we notice that the prices are clearly among the lowest on the market whether on a basic 4G package or even by taking a 5G option. This feeling is all the stronger when compared to an Orange or SFR package with prices that can break the ceiling on large data envelopes. The only MVNOs that can line up are Lebara and Prixtel, even if the latter does not offer the Orange network (SFR only). However, the fact that the data envelopes are flexible – concretely, the price of the plan depends on your data consumption each month – is another element that works in favor of YouPrice. It is also the only operator to offer this type of package from the Orange network. Other good news, the package resets (data and billing) on ​​the 1st of each month rather than on the anniversary date, which makes it easier to change packages if necessary.

How to follow your consumption on YouPrice?

It should be noted, however, that YouPrice does not offer an application to manage its plan and have access to its invoices. Everything happens from the customer area of ​​the site, which is very readable and easy to use. YouPrice also offers a sponsorship program based on a promo code that is very easy to find everywhere on the internet.

The customer experience is still tainted on one point: customer service is unreachable and is only accessible if the subscriber already has a YouPrice package. There is no number with which one can reach an advisor for example. In addition, we therefore sent an email to find out if it was possible to send a passport photo rather than the identity card. If it was indeed possible to do so to subscribe to a package, the email has so far remained unanswered. Another pitfall, we found surprising that the operator requires an IBAN when ordering, where other operators are content with a credit card imprint.

The quality of the 4G and 5G network of YouPrice

As said above, YouPrice is not an operator with its own lines, but is an MVNO which rents those of incumbent operators, in this case SFR and Orange. The network is not assigned at random and it is up to the customer to choose it when ordering. Orange being the leading mobile network in France in 4G and 5G in terms of quality of service, we strongly advise you to subscribe to it, especially given the identical pricing with SFR.

According to the nPerf 2022 barometer, Orange and SFR monopolize the first two places with a definite advantage over the first.

This observation is also highlighted by the ARCEP data. The organization also measures network coverage, which allows us to see that regardless of the operator chosen, you are guaranteed to benefit from more than 99% network coverage on the metropolitan territory in 2G/3G/4G.

Regarding network quality, ARCEP ranks Orange number one far ahead of SFR, Bouygues Télécom and Free, in almost all scenarios.

In carrying out this test, we selected a 60 to 110 GB plan under the Orange network with the 5G option. From a test carried out in the heart of Paris and in comparison with a classic Orange 5G plan, we obtained the following results:

  • Orange: 572.2 Mbps (download) /31.9 Mbps (upload)
  • YouPrice (Orange): 593.7 Mbps (download) / 37.2 Mbps (upload)

These results confirm the idea that YouPrice does not restrict the network even in 5 G. We also noted that the RCS is compatible via the Google message application with a YouPrice package, which is not yet the case on lots of MVNOs.

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