what we know about the Nothing Phone interface (2)

In about a month, the Nothing Phone (2), the second model from the Nothing brand, will be presented. If we know a few details, we don’t know much about its interface, although it is supposed to be a selling point of the smartphone. Luckily, a few details of Nothing OS 2.0 have been revealed.

As we know, the Nothing Phone (2) will be presented in July. The successor to the Nothing Phone (1) looks more premium and should enable the Nothing brand to improve its Android interface, Nothing OS. On this point, XDA Developers sat down with Mladen M. Hoyss, the company’s software creative director, to talk about Nothing OS 2.0.

Nothing OS 2.0: a start from scratch?

In this interview that we relay, Hoss says he wants ” start from almost zero “. After a year and a team of 100 people dedicated to software now, the brand would have the momentum and the opportunity to redesign Nothing OS 2.0. Currently, the Nothing phone (1) is running Android 13 and a first beta running Android 14 is in the works.

For the designer, the key advantage of the interface is ” functional aesthetics » : she assimilates a lot of data and tries to visualize them so that they are more understandable. On the other hand, Hoyss aims to create an interface that is fun and productive at the same time.

Difficult to pull the worms from the nose at Nothing, but this second version should not derogate from another rule of the first. The interface will respect the basics of Android by making improvements. But in a desire to stand out from its competitors, the manufacturer’s representative says he does not compare Nothing OS 2.0 to ” everything that exists at the moment “, without going into further details. On the other hand, Hoyss refrains from doing what he calls ” excessive promises “.

The home screen could be reviewed

Hoyss also expressed his opinion on the home screens of our smartphones: You have a page system where you basically scroll through company logos. “While according to him, it should contain” what is personal to you ” as well as ” your points of interest “.

A means already exists to facilitate this vision: widgets. To display his music, his latest emails, his next appointments. But maybe Nothing thinks that too few users use it. Nothing OS 2.0 could improve on this point ” so you don’t have to scroll through pages or dig deep “. Also, Hoyss questioned the visual consistency of Android, without really blaming Google, the company being very large.

Nothing phone (1)

As you will have understood, the communication of Nothing is all the same imprecise, based on the rise of suspense and the promise to change things in a very competitive industry. But unlike last year, it seems more restrained as the release of Nothing Phone (2) approaches. It is certainly due to the desire not to promise too much and to disappoint the brand’s fans and smartphone enthusiasts.

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