What is this mysterious “Elon” mode on Teslas?

The hacker @greentheonly revealed the existence of a secret Elon mode in the software of Tesla equipped with the Full Self-Driving (FSD) function. This mode would allow vehicles to operate without driver supervision, contradicting Tesla’s current safety measures.

A hacker known by the pseudonym @greentheonly revealed an intriguing discovery within Tesla’s software, which quickly caught the attention of the media.

This is the mode Elona hidden feature that seems to allow Tesla cars equipped with Full Self-Driving (FSD) functionality operate without any driver supervision.

This revelation, initially explained by The Verge, is causing controversy. According @greentheonly, if this driving function is activated in the vehicle software, Tesla would be able to operate completely autonomously. It would no longer be necessary for the driver to periodically touch the steering wheel or keep their eyes on the road, as is currently the case with Tesla’s Autopilot system.

Disable supervision functions

For those who have never driven a Tesla equipped with Autopilot, a clarification is in order. Normally, the system asks the driver to stay alert and sends regular warnings to remind them to touch the steering wheel. If these warnings are ignored, Autopilot is disabled for the rest of the trip. Furthermore, if the driver does not react at all when the FSD is active, the car automatically brakes, switches on the hazard warning lights and comes to a standstill.

However, the mode Elon would be able to overcome these security measures. This discovery raises questions, particularly about the risks inherent in fully autonomous driving without driver supervision.

And also when you kill one AP node, you retain some viz now, so now you can actually see which node does what.
Node A does road layout/signs
Node B does moving object detection as they still display with A dead.

Also viz dies at times so you get AP functionality, but empty viz pic.twitter.com/Ldfi7cCPWh

— green (@greentheonly) June 17, 2023

@greentheonly did not reveal how he managed to access this feature. He simply shared a video of his Tesla in Autopilot mode, claiming that secret mode was active. He called this function elon fashion in tribute to Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, known for testing the latest beta versions of his vehicles.

It is widely suspected that Elon Musk has the ability to disable certain security features in his own Tesla cars so he can test new features in real time. This could explain why such a feature is present in Tesla’s software, although its existence has never been publicly revealed. Finally, it should be emphasized that this discovery has yet to be verified by other independent experts.

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