What is the price of NordVPN? Here are the three offers of the moment and their differences

You may not know it, but NordVPN does not have just one offer in its catalog. The most popular VPN service offers a total of three, with different prices per month depending on the subscription.

NordVPN’s business isn’t just about VPNs. The parent company, NordSecurity, offers other services, ranging from password managers to online storage.

It’s the combinations of these three services that make up NordVPN’s three different offerings. All of them systematically include a VPN offer. And the higher the subscription price, the more possibilities there are.

NordVPN operates a one-month money-back policy on all of its offerings. You then have 30 days to cancel your subscription if the service does not suit you.

The NordVPN Essential subscription at the price of 3.35 euros per month

As the name suggests, NordVPN’s Essential plan is the most affordable. It makes sense, it focuses on the basics of cybersecurity. But beware, this is not a discount offer either.

Currently offered at 3.35 euros per month with a two-year subscription, the Essential subscription first includes NordVPN’s VPN. A proven service, which has good press. The quality of the speed, the number of servers or even the functionalities of the VPN are identical to other, more expensive offers from NordVPN. Here are the options:

  • mesh network;
  • THE kill switchwhich disconnects you from the internet if the VPN connection drops;
  • THE split-tunnelingwhich lets you determine which apps are using the VPN connection or not.

However, the Essential subscription includes two additional tools, integrated at no extra cost:

  • anti-malware protection, which alerts you when you browse dangerous sites and scans downloaded files and attachments for malicious files;
  • the tracking and ad blocker, in order to enjoy a more comfortable web browsing.

In short, the Essential subscription is mainly aimed at people who want to enjoy secure web browsing from different locations.

NordVPN Advanced subscription at the price of 4.31 euros per month

NordVPN’s “Advanced” offering is the one that occupies the middle ground. It integrates all the functionalities of the Essential offer, and adds access to the NordPass application, very useful for improving your digital hygiene.

NordPass is first and foremost a password manager. If you are not familiar with it, this application acts as a safe that houses your passwords behind a single password. The only one you need to remember. Once connected to the application, the identification fields are automatically filled in with a single click, whether on a smartphone or a computer. Better, NordPass can generate unique and strong passwords that are very difficult to circumvent. Installation is very simple, since you can import your passwords from Google Chrome (or any other browser) with just a few clicks.

NordPass also includes an automatic analysis of data leaks. How it works ? The application will scan the web (and especially the dark web) in search of your email address or your credit card number in data leaks. If the search is successful, you will then be prompted to change some of your passwords.

NordVPN’s Advanced plan is currently priced at $4.31 per month with a two-year subscription. This allows you to take advantage of NordVPN’s VPN, and NordPass at 50% off its usual price.

NordVPN Premium subscription at the price of 5.27 euros per month

NordVPN’s Premium offer is the most complete, since it includes all the features offered by NordSecurity. We thus benefit from access:

  • NordVPN’s VPN;
  • the NordPass password manager;
  • to the NordLocker storage spacethe advantage of the Premium offer.

NordLocker is NordVPN’s secure storage application. You can transfer up to 1 TB of data to it. NordVPN obliges, this space in the cloud benefits from a high level of encryption, and this in several places:

  • locally, to protect your files behind a password directly on your devices;
  • in the cloud, thanks to the accumulation of three strong encryption methods (AES-256, xChaCha20-Poly1305 and Ed25519);
  • when transferring data, from your devices to servers, with end-to-end encryption.

However, security does not come at the expense of ease of use. The NordLocker application is available on all media (Windows, macOS, Android and iOS), even from a browser, and offers synchronization between all devices. It is even possible to send files to people who do not use NordLocker. The files are shared from a download link, and protected by the password of your choice.

NordVPN’s most complete Premium offer is currently priced at 5.27 euros per year with a two-year subscription. With this subscription, the NordPass and NordLocker applications are at -50% of the price charged.

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