What is the Apple Vision Pro for?

Apple has just unveiled its brand new flagship, the Vision Pro. It’s a futuristic mixed reality headset that combines cutting-edge technology with sophisticated design, with 4K micro-OLED displays for each eye. It is thought to potentially replace a Mac in the workplace, controllable by eyes, hands and voice, while being able to be paired with a keyboard and a trackpad via Bluetooth. But what is it actually for? Answer.

The Apple Vision Pro is an augmented reality headset. Externally, the Apple Vision Pro is reminiscent of a pair of futuristic ski goggles. It is a mixture of technology and elegant design, characteristic of the Apple brand. It features advanced connectivity, an external display capable of mirroring the user’s facial expressions and eyes, and a magnetic charging adapter.

But what makes the real difference are the integrated 4K micro-Oled panels for each eye, offering an impressive total of 23 million pixels across both screens.

Augmented reality technology is made possible by a video pass-through mode. To handle this phenomenal power, Apple incorporated several of its Apple Silicon chips, including the mighty Apple M2, and an all-new R1 chip. The latter manages all sensors, cameras and microphones to minimize latency. So what is the Apple Vision Pro for?

But what is the Apple Vision Pro for?

For work

First and foremost, Apple is considering this headset as a potential replacement for the Mac in the work. It requires no physical controller: everything is controlled by eyes, hands and voice. It includes a virtual keyboard, but also offers the possibility of dictating the text.

Flexibility is one of the main strengths of the Apple Vision Pro. It can be paired with a keyboard and a trackpad via Bluetooth, if you prefer this method of control. In addition, your Mac can be integrated into the Vision Pro universe. In other words, you can use the Apple Vision Pro as an external display with your Mac, allowing unparalleled versatility.

One of the most impressive features of the Apple Vision Pro is its ability to transform that traditional user experience. Seeing macOS windows floating in the air is a very unique experience. It goes further than what Vive and Oculus headsets allow. It’s no longer just a screen you’re looking at, it’s an immersive environment in which you can interact in a way, a priori, natural and intuitive. This approach gives the computer a whole new dimension, creating an unlimited virtual workspace where windows can be moved and arranged in three dimensions.

Apple firmly believes in the future of augmented reality for the professional world and proves it with a series of dedicated applications. For example, a medical application allows you to consult a heart in 3D, while another allows you to check the aerodynamics of a Formula 1 car from the Alfa Romeo team. In addition, a dedicated App Store will be made available to Vision Pro users.

Telecommuting is another area where the Vision Pro shines. It allows working from anywhere, requiring nothing more than the headset itself. It brings a new dimension to FaceTime calling, which becomes spatial and exploits the space around you, with spatial audio that perfectly positions people based on their location. SharePlay is also integrated into Vision Pro, allowing you to share a document during a videoconference or even watch a movie with others.

One of the most interesting innovations of the Apple Vision Pro is the possibility of filming in 3D. The helmet’s built-in camera enables three-dimensional video recording, offering a whole new way to capture and share moments. It’s worth noting that when recording in 3D, the Vision Pro projects the user’s eyes onto the external display, letting others know you’re filming.

For entertainment

One of the most fascinating applications of the Apple Vision Pro is undoubtedly in the field of entertainment. The helmet indeed reminds us of the first Japanese helmets, mainly used to watch videos. But with the Vision Pro, watching movies and series becomes a totally immersive cinematic experience, even from the comfort of your own home.

Imagine sitting in your small apartment, wearing the Vision Pro, immersed in the total darkness of a huge movie theater. The image is projected in front of you, with even the subtle reflection of the film on the floor, like in a real cinema. And if the space in your room feels too tight, you can literally expand the picture beyond the walls, creating a bespoke viewing experience.

But that’s not all. Apple announces that its headset will be able to display 3D movies. After disappearing from the big screen due to the cost and complexity of 3D equipment, the 3D format could make a comeback thanks to Vision Pro technology. It’s hard to believe, but why not.

And that’s not all, since Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, was invited to the presentation of the Apple Vision Pro. To his surprise, he thinks this helmet is a revolutionary device. If Bob Iger is enthusiastic about the Vision Pro, moreover, Disney is already preparing exclusive content for this new platform.

And that’s not all: the Apple Vision Pro is also a game console. More than 100 Apple Arcade games will be compatible with Apple Vision Pro on day one. It remains relatively simple for the moment, but who knows? Maybe Apple will take gaming more seriously in the future.

The road to success is far from clear for Apple

The future of technology looks bright with the Apple Vision Pro. This impressive innovation promises to push the boundaries of what we currently know in terms of mixed reality. However, the road to success is far from clear for Apple.

A number of challenges loom on the horizon. First, Apple will have to convince developers, publishers and partners of the interest and potential of the Apple Vision Pro. Developers will need to create specific content to fully exploit the capabilities of the headset. Publishers and partners, for their part, will have to be convinced of the economic interest of their commitment to this new product.

Moreover, and perhaps above all, Apple will have to convince consumers. Despite the impressive potential of the Apple Vision Pro, it is new technology, and therefore unfamiliar to many potential users. It will take time for people to understand what they can do with this helmet, and especially why they would need it.

It will take time, and Apple is aware of that. For this reason, the launch of the Apple Vision Pro is only scheduled for next year, at least in the United States. This is a delay that will allow Apple to refine its product, but also to prepare the ground for its release.

Apple has proven time and time again in the past its ability to revolutionize entire sectors of technology. It is certain that she will do everything possible to make the Apple Vision Pro a new success. The challenge is launched.

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