What gift for First Communion?  We choose an electric scooter for a child

What gift for First Communion? We choose an electric scooter for a child

Which electric scooter is best as a gift? We advise the best models for first communion.

The communion season is coming. Although for many people First Holy Communion is still a primarily spiritual experience, it cannot be denied that it is also a celebration associated with gifts – and special ones at that. What gift should you buy that will remain in the recipient's memory for a long time?

It will be a perfect gift for First Communion electric scooter. This is not an ordinary gadget. This is equipment that will serve your child for many years – initially, primarily by providing fun, but with… age, it may turn out to be a perfect companion, e.g. when commuting to school. Therefore, it is worth choosing a safe model and one that will not limit the future of our “communist” in any way.

So what should you consider when choosing a scooter as a gift? Which model will work best?

RIDER R10 Cross

RIDER R10 Cross this is proof that a good electric scooter does not have to be expensive. Behind less than PLN 1,600 we get a well-made vehicle with an excellent quality-price ratio. Sure, maybe there are no fireworks like cruise control or phone applications, but in a sense it's even better – it is simple and reliable equipment, which is perfect for getting around the immediate area. Importantly, we have a digital panel that provides us with information about the overall mileage, the length of the current route, the speed of movement and the battery charge level. The machine is mostly made of solid aluminum, except for the fenders, which are made of more flexible plastic.

In addition to the low price, RIDER R10 Cross has several other important advantages. The largest capacity here is the battery 10,400 mAh. It guarantees coverage even 30 km on one charge. In addition, we have a powerful engine 350W, and the whole thing weighs completely reasonable 16.7 kg. This is an excellent proposition for a young user taking their first steps with this type of equipment.

RIDER R10 Cross – check the price


An electric scooter can be a practical gadget, or it can simply provide a lot of fun. Model RIDER RS Sport definitely leans towards the other side of the coin. This a compact scooter with an aggressive, sporty style equipped with a number of amenities thanks to which you can safely leave the bicycle path and arrange yourselves a short trip through the wilderness, e.g. in a park or during a trip to the water.

RIDER RS Sport is equipped with: double shock absorption and a stable, non-slip platform, making it easy to maintain control even when driving on an uneven path or uneven lawn. In turn, it may be useful during slightly longer trips cruise control. Although with a range of only 25 km, it is not an ideal model for long-hour trips outside the city, but it will be perfect for recreational skiing in the immediate vicinity.

RIDER RS Sport – check the price

RED BULL Racing 10 RB-RTEN10-104

Scooter RED BULL Racing 10 RB-RTEN10-104 is a much more advanced model with an interesting design, offering a set of practical functions that may be especially useful during longer trips. We'll find it here double cushioning, so you don't have to be afraid of curbs and bumps on the road, and the built-in battery has a large capacity 10,400 mAh allows you to pass up to 40 km on one charge.

The RED BULL Racing 10 RB-RTEN10-104 model is an excellent choice for children and teenagers, as well as people who value spending their free time actively. High quality of workmanship, long range and rich equipment guarantee that the scooter will be perfect in virtually all conditions – even in the hands of the most demanding young traveler.

RED BULL Racing 10 RB-RTEN10-104 – check the price


For people looking for a scooter not only for fun, but above all for traveling on long distances, the perfect proposition will be RED BULL Racing RB-RTENTURBO10-12. The information panel located on the steering wheel contains a lot of useful information and functions, such as: speed modes Whether cruise control. This is a higher-end product. Powerful engine with power 500W I guarantee excellent acceleration, allowing you to respond efficiently to the road situation. Additionally, it is perfect even when driving in difficult terrain and with steep climbs.

Battery capacity 12,000 mAh allows you to pass up to 50 km on one charge, so we don't have to worry about traveling even on long routes, it has great coverage. Just choose your destination, jump on the scooter and turn on the cruise control, because you can also find it here. This is an ideal option for your daily commute to school, which will allow the child to become independent from the whims of public transport and asking parents for a ride. It is also perfect for slightly older “children”, who have to wade through the urban jungle on their way to work every day.

RED BULL Racing RB-RTENTURBO10-12 – check the price

All scooters are there after opening the box easy to assemble. All the accessories you need to do it yourself are included. The procedure itself is very simple and does not require much knowledge or special skills, so everyone will be able to carry it out on their own.

Helmet and protectors – the basis of safety

Of course, when deciding to buy an electric scooter for a child please remember about safety issues. And it's not only about instilling the rules of safe driving on roads, but also… o purchasing and using appropriate accessories.

Electric scooter - start with these accessories

As a First Communion gift, it's worth considering something other than a scooter about knee and wrist protectors. We especially recommend the brand's accessories Kawasaki, combining an attractive price with an effective, eye-catching style. Flashy colors should not only appeal to a young traveler, but above all guarantee better visibility on the road.

The absolute basis is the helmet. This is an element that can decide between life and death – literally. It is definitely worth paying a few extra cents if it translates into higher security. Examples of reasonably priced electric scooter helmets are company products Kawasaki and RIDER.

An electric scooter can be a perfect gift for a first communion. One that will “grow” with the child, guaranteeing a lot of fun and helping to achieve independence and independence. It's the perfect combination of business and pleasure.

Sponsored article commissioned by 4cv Mobile Sp. z o. o. Sp. K., importer of the Red Bull, Rider and Kawasaki brands.

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