what are the rules on public transport?

Electric bikes and scooters are governed by strict rules on public transport. Failure to respect them will result in a fine. CssTricks returns to the regulations to be aware of, and the few exceptions that remain.

The metro, bus, tramway or even the RER for Ile-de-France residents are subject to specific regulations regarding electric bicycles and scooters. This public transport is above all collective and shared by millions of people on a daily basis: it is therefore necessary to establish a framework and respect it.

Electric scooters and bicycles share some rules, but not all. CssTricks In this file we explain to you the main requirements to be respected, at the risk of incurring a relatively hefty fine.

Bicycles and electric bikes

For muscle bikes and electric bikes, the rule is very simple: “you cannot take your bicycle on the metro, buses, trams and the Montmartre funicular», Writes the official RATP website. Here, the term “take” means that you are under no circumstances allowed to bring it with you, even by hand, while traveling at walking pace.

However, several exceptions exist. You may have noticed that the public establishment does not mention the RER. It is written : “In the RER, you can transport your bicycle and make connections with it only between lines A, B, C, D and E of the network“.


Either. Constraints are nevertheless imposed. If Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are days during which it is possible to transport your cycle on the RER, the other days of the week are not in the same boat. Time slots must indeed be respected.

It is therefore possible to take your bike with you:

  • Before 6:30 a.m.;
  • Between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.;
  • After 7 p.m.

Here, the RATP excludes what it considers to be peak hours, where crowds become massive over a short period of time. The idea is to leave as much space as possible for users without bikes.

If you have to travel with your bike, also consider placing it in a car.with specific signage (bicycle sticker) and hold it by hand“, we can read. It is also prohibited to use escalators. You then have to take the classic stairs.

Electric scooters

For electric scooters, the situation is not the same. Already, it is possible to travel with it in any means of transport used (RER, metro, bus and tramway). Except that it must be folded: this is an obligation, because for the RATP, it “becomes an obstacle“. Really ? Yes and no.

A scooter folded at the level of its handlebars maintains the same ground surface. In fact, it is almost as annoying. On the other hand, tilting it vertically by holding it on the rear wheel in particular, saves you a significant amount of space. In this case, it may make sense in case of crowds.

In the event of an infringement,this exposes you to a fine of €150 (plus €50 processing fees without immediate payment)”, it is indicated. This sanction is similar if you literally ride with your electric scooter, and moreover with any machine (roller skates, skateboard, bicycle or mechanical scooter).

It is strictly “prohibited from circulating in all transport areas, whether in corridors, exchange rooms, platforms or on board», Warns the RATP. And to conclude: “You would be entirely responsible for any accidents that happen to you or that you cause to third parties, to RATP or its agents.“.

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