Co z premierą GTA 6? Są dobre wiadomości

What about the release of GTA 6? There is good news

What about the release of GTA 6? The latest rumors may have been untrue. This is good news for everyone who is waiting for a new Rockstar Games game.

A few days ago, information appeared that the premiere of GTA 6 may be postponed to 2026. Rumors suggested that production was not going according to plan and that the makers, although they would prefer to avoid it, may not have much choice. However, this information may have been untrue.

When will GTA 6 be released?

This time, editors from Insider Gaming decided to take a closer look at the matter. They contacted several people closely associated with the game's production and received the same comment from all of them. Work is going according to plan and the premiere is still planned for 2025. Nothing has changed in this respect. In their opinion, previous rumors are just speculations that have nothing to do with reality.

Of course, we must take into account that informants put on a good face for a bad game and in reality not everything goes according to plan. However, at the moment, it seems that the premiere of GTA 6 is not in any danger. The game should be available next year and will probably be as big, or maybe even a bigger hit than the fifth one.

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