Wearing a connected watch will allow you to automatically unlock your smartphone

Google seems to have launched the deployment of a new functionality for unlocking its smartphone using a compatible connected watch.

For several years, Google has been offering smart smartphone unlocking systems on Android, depending on the location or the devices connected to it via Bluetooth. At the start of the year, the firm announced that it wanted to go even further by allowing a Pixel smartphone to unlock automatically if it was connected to a Pixel Watch.

Until now, however, there was no news of this feature which will make it possible to do without the fingerprint reader, PIN code, facial recognition or unlocking pattern. It must be said that the functionality had only been presented by the firm on its stand during the CES in Las Vegas, without an announcement of availability.

An option that is starting to be rolled out

However, it now looks like the feature is ready to roll out, as discovered the AssembleDebug account on X (formerly Twitter). Among the security and lock options on his Pixel smartphone, he was able to discover a new menu “unlock by watch“next to the menu”Smart Lock— which enables automatic unlocking based on verified locations, verified devices, or detection when the smartphone is worn.

Seems like ready to roll…. just need a smart watch now…🫡 the black screen in recording is just password unlock. pic.twitter.com/WBDz6SaoE1

—AssembleDebug (@AssembleDebug) August 16, 2023

This menu indicates that the option of unlocking by the connected watch will make it possible to do without the fingerprint when the fingers are wet and can also be used in the event of facial recognition failure. “Your watch should be unlocked, on your wrist, and within reach of your phone. You will no longer need to unlock your watch afterwards when it is on your wrist“, also indicates Google.

However, if the deployment of this feature seems to have started on Pixels, it does not yet seem to be supported by connected watches. Logically, we can expect this function to be supported by the Google Pixel Watch, but also by the Pixel Watch 2. Moreover, since Google is at the origin of the Wear OS system, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch watches might also support this feature, just like watches from Fossil or TicWatch.

For now, Google has not yet officially communicated on the deployment of this new feature.

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