Na Nintendo Switch 2 poczekamy jeszcze dłużej. Premiera się opóźnia

We will wait even longer for Nintendo Switch 2. The premiere is delayed

According to recent rumors, Nintendo Switch 2 will debut only in the first quarter of 2025. However, this information is no longer valid. The console’s premiere will take place later.

Over the last few months, we have received information that Nintendo Switch 2 will debut at the end of 2024. Recently, rumors have appeared that the premiere has been postponed to the first quarter of 2025. Now these are also obsolete. The latest news suggests the presentation only in the middle of next year.

Nintendo Switch 2 in mid-2025

The information was provided by industry-famous PH Brazil, which specializes in information from the Nintendo camp. He was the first to announce that the premiere had been postponed to early 2025. Now its sources claim that this date is no longer valid and the presentation of the console will take place only in June 2025, i.e. during the period when E3 was usually held.

According to PH Brazil, a Nintendo Direct is scheduled to take place this week. In turn, the Japanese are planning an India World Showcase for March, and another Nintendo Direct in April. We will probably see the last games created with the first Switch in mind.

All the above information is just rumors and should be treated as such. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything. PH Brazil itself emphasizes that everything is fluid at the moment and Nintendo’s plans may change.

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