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we were able to try them, and the promise already seems beautiful

Donning the new colors of Velomad, the new Urban Elite and Sport Elite join the range of the French brand. Here is our first opinion after our quick one-night test.

The Mad Bike passes the third. Finally, it is now customary to say Velomad, the new name of the brand sporting a new signature and a brand new V logo. More modern in its communication and soon its site, the Rouen manufacturer has also dusted off its catalog. While the Urban and Sport models remain, two new models are arriving: the Urban Elite and Sport Elite.

After the presentation of this third generation of Velomad, it’s time to tell you about our first impressions on their handlebars. Because the brand allowed us to take a little tour with it in the 11th arrondissement, enough to get an idea.

The Velomad Urban Elite in the test

We started with the Velomad Urban Elite. This version is the most urban of the with its open frame and the Shimano Nexus 8-speed transmission, as well as a curved handlebar. Knowing the model L’Urbain 2 already tested – personally and by CssTricks -, we can tell you that it is a category above.

Small flat however for the look: if the bike presents well with a beautiful paint, we notice large unsanded welds and a motor integrated in the shoehorn.

The reason for the move upmarket is mainly at the level of the engine. On the one hand, it is central, at the level of the pedals, which provides more fluid electric assistance. The Shimano E6100 block is above all livelier with 60 Nm (vs 45 Nm on the old version). It’s already pushing hard in Eco mode, the weakest of the three levels, when the Sport takes you to 25 km/h in a few seconds.

Even more dynamic, the Velomad Urban Elite is also thanks to a Nexus 8 transmission. On paper in any case, because we noted a little latency in gear changes (towards high gears, but not in downshifts) . It is specified that we have piloted a pre-series copy, and hope that this does not happen again on our future test.

Velomad Urban Elite

Heavier (22 kg), the Urban Elite is logically less agile than the Urban 2 weighing 4 kg less, and rising slightly in wheel size from 27.5 to 28 inches. But the slightly wider and grooved Continental tires are there to ensure optimal grip in all weathers.

A honed Sport Elite

As for the Velomad Sport Elite brother, we ride a higher perched electric bike. Normal, it camps on 29-inch wheels, Continental KingRacer all-terrain tires and SR Suntour suspension. If the Le Sport models were more road derivatives, this Sport Elite is a real contender for trekking.

Velomad Sport Elite first review

So we didn’t hesitate to ride on roads under construction strewn with gravel, jump a few sidewalks, or go at full speed on the backs of donkeys. And it’s going pretty well. We set off again as quickly with the lively assistance of the Shimano motor.

In addition, the transmission is based here on a classic derailleur. Normal, we are here on a more versatile VAE therefore operating with an 11-speed chainring via the Shimano Deore range. The reports pass very quickly: we would even say that we are less frustrated than on the Urban.

The braking of the MT200s is common to what we see on many other bikes, with a good biting without reaching Magura, and little prowled here on our new copy. It remains to lead this Velomad on the paths for which it is intended.

Velomad Sport Elite driving

First assessment of our (short) test of the Velomad Elite

So yes, we are clearly on better electric bikes than the previous ones, the Urban and Le Sport 2. Superior performance, more versatile, and certainly better autonomy (to be checked in a large nature test), these Elite are above all designed for people looking for a bike for long distances, whether in town or on the beaten track.

At 3,190 euros, the new Velomads are therefore attractive, especially at launch with their free alarm padlock (150 euros). It is also to be forgiven for the lack of connectivity via an application. Because above 3,000 euros, many expect this type of technology as standard. The brand is therefore waiting to see the response via its pre-orders which begin at the beginning of June, and at the deliveries expected at the end of June.

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