We saw this electric bike made of linen and we explain why it’s a good idea

Not content with unveiling a new electric cargo bike (longtail), the Basque electric bike brand Larrun is unveiling a flax-based version, the prototype of which we discovered.

Some regions have a more developed bicycle industry than others. We think of the Great West with Cygo having just unveiled its 100% French bike, or the Lyon basin hosting a “Cluster MAD” network as well as the neighbors Eovolt, Ref Bikes, or even Ultima. But the region including Basque Country and southern Landes also has its players, such as Gorille or Maa, the Pragma hydrogen, and more urban ones like Larrun.

A cargo bike that accepts more than 200 kg

Larrun was born in 2021 in Anglet, the day after Covid-19. Unlike other local brands, no fat-bike or beach bike, the company relies on the everyday VAE. Its “essential” range with a low frame offers folding, classic, and VTC, while the “Premium” range includes two opulent models as well as a sporty one with a high frame.

Larrun Kalea

But the novelty during the last Pro Days which took place at the beginning of July 2023, is its recumbent type cargo bike, the Larrun Asko (asko meaning “a lot” in Basque). It takes up the style of the top-of-the-range Karrika and Kalea (alley and street), with a structure that can accommodate up to 2 children or a load of 205 kg. If the rear luggage rack supports 70 kg as standard with Mik HD/QL2/QL3 bindings, you can also add “monkey bars”, cushions or wooden footrests. The finishes are also pleasant, as are the blue and bronze colors.

Robust, this longtail bike camping on 24 and 20 inch wheels is also very powerful. It incorporates the same Valeo Cyclee engine as the Kalea, with a torque of 130 Nm and the 7-speed Effigear automatic gearbox. This block combines a 630 Wh battery, i.e. 100 km of maximum autonomy (depending on the brand) with minimum electric assistance. The base price is 6,135 euros for this Larrun Asko, available through the 50 dealers and rental companies in France.

Larrun Asko cargo bike

A linen fiber cargo bike from 2024?

In addition to this new Asko, it is above all the Larrun Lorea (“flower” in Basque) that challenged us. Yes, it’s the same bike, but with an original material frame: flax fiber, already approached by a folding bike. This is not a variation, but a first prototype, in order to understand the advantages of linen.

Close to a carbon fiber structure, the plant material is very light, very solid, and whose origin is French. And yes, France is a major flax producer! To this, the brand adds bio-sourced resin to finalize the product. But Larrun is serious about this linen e-bike, and plans production next year. See you at Pro Days 2024?

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