We saw the impressive triple safety triple in one of this new Iweech electric bike

Present at ProDays 2023, the French company Iweech exhibited a brand new electric bike planned for the first quarter of 2024: the 28”S and 28”S+. Their particularity? A definitely open frame, which changes a lot about the riding position. Not to mention a security system that works.

Bikes with an open frame and 28-inch wheels are what sell the most “. This is why Iweech has logically positioned itself on this type of format with its brand new electric bike, the Iweech 28”S and S+ (automatic gearbox), presented as part of ProDays 2023.CssTrickswas even able to try it on a few tens of meters.

First of all, let’s try to present the philosophy of this product, which is still in prototype form – its release is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. Visually, it retains the aesthetic codes of the Marseille brand, with a raw, straight look and adorned with a sky blue note at the level of the stem. The Iweech spirit is preserved.

A different driving position

Compared to the 24-inch model, which plays it compact, the size of this newcomer is clearly more imposing. This is quite normal considering its 28-inch wheels and larger frame. Here, it is closer to more classic city bikes, which focus on comfort and a straight ride.

This is also what this Iweech 28” offers, but with a great advantage: dynamism and explosiveness are always there, for our greatest pleasure. This is one of the great strengths of the company’s models. Obviously, your posture changes compared to its cousin: no more leaning body, place for a much straighter bust.

Iweech 28

Here we aim for a new target», Explains a representative of the brand. “We are convinced that our model is the right answer to what people are looking for“. And what users may be looking for is a reliable and advanced security system. Iweech has put the package here.

Triple security in one

These 28”S and S+ have a relatively impressive triple security in one. We were able to attend a small demonstration. It’s simple: the cylindrical end of a chain is inserted into a wheel block, which locks itself and automatically triggers an alarm.

As a result, your bike is on one side hooked to a barrier or any other support thanks to the chain, on the other your rear wheel is blocked, and finally an alarm is triggered when a suspicious movement is spotted. And all that, just by inserting the chain into the wheel block. Everything is controllable from the application and the NFC badge.

Iweech 28

The connectivity part also goes up a notch, with the integration of a removable Quad Lock – which can be replaced by a Shapeheart support – capable of accommodating your phone. There is currently no wireless charging as offered by the latest Cowboys, which have all changed names.

Price and rest of the characteristics

Below, here is the complete technical sheet of the 28”S model. The version “Moreis identical, except for its transmission (Enviolo continuously variable transmission) and its weight (20.8 kg).

  • Height: one size, 160 to 190 cm
  • Battery: 500Wh, 36V
  • Autonomy: 70 km
  • Motor: Brose, 90 Nm, central
  • Transmission: Gates CDX carbon belt
  • Weight: 18.5kg
  • Brakes: Tektro hydraulic disc (or equivalent depending on stock)
  • Lighthouse: Supernova
  • Colours: matte black, pearl white, silver dream gray
  • Standard equipment: mudguards and center stand
  • Suspension fork
  • Suspension seat post

The Iweech 28”S and 28”S+ will be sold at prices of 3700 and 4900 euros respectively. With options, the latter can even go up to 5400 euros. Please note that these prices are not yet final and are likely to change slightly between now and their release. The published photos also highlight a prototype. The final version will be more successful in terms of finishes and design.

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