We rode with this electric scooter made in France, cleaner for the planet

The first French electric scooter comes from the north and is called Plume Allure, bringing originality and a rare high-end treatment in the field. We had the chance to try it, and here are our first impressions.

If many electric bikes are assembled or manufactured in France, without however being the majority, electric scooters are still machines coming almost entirely from Asia. This could change, with initiatives like Plume, wanting a model that is as French as possible.

A scooter from the ch’nord

Plume was born from the idea of ​​a former Decathlon employee, Fabrice Furlan, who precisely managed soft mobility there. Not content with seeing the thousands of kilometers required for the design and especially the production of electric scooters, he founded his own brand, located in Hauts-de-France, near Lille.

The objective was to approach 100% local manufacture, which is very complicated, but the machine already prides itself on being Origine France Garantie. This independent label certifies that more than half of the market value comes from France, which is largely beaten by Plume Allure, 82% French and even “less than 50 km from our premises” adds the brand: Eiffage electronics, Hybster plastic or WTX structure.

Enough to make this electric scooter less polluting than some of its competitors.

An Allure Pen that carbides

More than French or local, the Plume Allure electric scooter is also high-end. It incorporates a double suspended front fork, a large deck, 10-inch wheels, is IP65 certified and with a particular signature: a giant LED frame at the front to see and above all to be seen.

The rear motor is powerful with 500 W nominal and 1000 W peak, while the battery is 454 or 702 Wh as desired (i.e. 45 and 70 km of theoretical autonomy). The battery can also be repaired and recycled, because Plume works with Bordeaux-based Gouach, which also sources recycled cells.

Plume Allure folding scooter

High-end and French, it comes at a cost, but not that high. La Plume Allure has a base price of 1,299 euros, and 1,649 euros with the large battery. Yes, it’s much more than a Ninebot Max G2 or a Xiaomi 4 Ultra under the 1,000 euro mark, but you are supporting local industry, with a more durable electric scooter, even providing a digital maintenance log.

We rode with the scooter Origine France Garantie

We also took control over a few tens of meters of the prototype of this Plume, entrusted by the brand. First of all, it is the comfort that reigns, by the double fork and its suspensions. Its giant platform with rear footrest allows you to position your feet as you wish and the 55 cm wide handlebars ensure good stability.

We didn’t really have time to take advantage of the performance, the screen or the connectivity that was missing on the prototype. However, Plume will integrate this on the final versions, with route tracking or assistance.

Deliveries will begin from October 2023, in the first launch edition “La Première”, limited to 150 copies.

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