Poznaliśmy specyfikację procesorów Intel Arrow Lake-S

We learned the specifications of Intel Arrow Lake-S processors

Chinese sources reveal the secret about upcoming Intel processors. We learned about the number of models being prepared and their hardware configuration.

It is no secret that we will get more processors from both this year AMDWhat Intel. Both giants will serve us their new architectures, which should bring a significant jump in performance. In the case of the Reds, we are waiting for a family Ryzen 9000while for the Blues it will be a series Arrow Lake.

The maximum clock speed will not exceed 5.5 GHz?

Benchlife has published new, unofficial details about the specifications Intel Arrow Lake-S, i.e. new CPUs for desktop computers. It is worth recalling that the Chinese were the first to have information about the 14th generation Intel Core family, so they are a proven source.

It seems that this time the Blues will offer fewer processors. The full offer is intended to include 13 models, of which 3 will be unlocked units (K series), and as many as 5 versions with lower power consumption (T series). The remaining systems will be versions without OC capabilities and variants without integrated graphics systems.

It will be the flagship Intel Core Ultra 9 285Kequipped with 24 cores and 24 threads in a system of 8 large, high-performance and 16 small, energy-saving cores. It will be lower Core Ultra 7 265K offering 20 cores and 20 threads (8P+12E) and the stake will be closed Core Ultra 5 245K possessing 14 cores and 14 threads (6P+8E).

Blocked processors are to have an identical configuration of cores and threads, but The Intel Core Ultra 5 series will also have a version with 10 cores and 10 threads. The exact base timings remain unchanged. In the case of power consumption (TDP), we are still talking about segments 35, 65 and 125 W.

We will probably learn more details in the coming weeks. Some people assume that Intel may show something at the beginning of June, during the Taiwanese Computex 2024 fair.

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