Znamy cenę NVIDIA Blackwell. Szykuj się na sprzedaż nerki

We know the price of NVIDIA Blackwell. Get ready to sell your kidney

NVIDIA has lifted another veil of secrecy about the new generation of systems, this time revealing the prices. It will be much more expensive than before.

A few days ago during a speech at… GTC 2024 a new family was officially presented NVIDIA Blackwell. This architecture will power both professional and consumer graphics systems. It was created for tasks related to artificial intelligence, a the performance jump is up to four times.

The new GPU is reportedly more expensive to produce

It is assumed that the first systems such as NVIDIA B200 will be delivered to selected customers later this year. We have to wait until 2025 for consumer RTX graphics cards. However, everyone is wondering – what amounts will be discussed? Well, it definitely won't be cheap.

Jensen Huang in an interview with NBC, he revealed that the amount in question was about the order of magnitude 30-40 thousand dollars per piece. Of course, this is a professional GPU (B200) for HPC applications. It is worth noting that NVIDIA, AMD and Intel are not known for publicly announcing prices, it is more often done by third parties.

Anyway the price jump is significant. The current generation equivalent, i.e NVIDIA H100, is sold to partners at a price of approximately 25-30 thousand dollars. So where does this difference come from? Industry analysts point to increase in production costs of one system. Previously it was about 3,300, and now it is over 6,000 dollars.

It is also impossible to deny that NVIDIA may simply be taking advantage of its leadership position. Both AMD and Intel chips are weaker in AI calculations. Therefore, everyone now wants to buy Green models. The price given by Huang may also be an estimate and may look different in wholesale orders.

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