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we know a little more about digital film for film cameras

With the launch of its initiative on Kickstarter, I’m Back has already attracted 400 people. We now have a glimpse of how this digital film works.

There are many reasons why photographers are nostalgic for the golden age of film photography: image quality, unique grain, or simply the charm of a vintage camera. However, with the transition to the digital age, many people have stored these precious objects in their cupboards. The I’m Back Film project aims to bring these devices back to life, not by modifying them, but by equipping them with digital technology.

The innovation of this project is based on the use of Sony IMX269 sensor in 4/3 format of 20 megapixels. This technological choice, however, leads to a notable limitation. Due to its smaller size compared to a full-frame 35mm format, the sensor only captures a central portion of the image projected by the lens. This generates a cropping factor of 2. But, for those who would like to regain full coverage of their lenses, solutions exist. Users can opt for a wide-angle adapter or favor shorter focal length lenses.

How does it work ?

The first thing to note is that there is no direct communication between the digital module and the film camera. In manual mode, you will have to press a button on the digital module for a maximum of two seconds before activating the camera’s mechanical shutter. It’s a method that will undoubtedly remind you of film photography…

If this method may seem archaic, an automatic mode is also offered. With this mode, the camera’s shutter must remain open at all times, allowing a real-time preview to be displayed on a 1.5-inch screen located at the base of the module. Functions such as shutter speed and ISO sensitivity are automatically taken care of by the module, allowing the photographer to concentrate only on focusing and aperture of the lens.

This automatic mode is also necessary to record videos in 4K. Once shots are captured, photographers can wirelessly transfer them to a dedicated app, available on both Android and iOS.

A good start

The Kickstarter campaign got off to a good start, 250,000 euros were raised in record time thanks to around 400 beta testers, the first deliveries are scheduled for July 2024. The price of the module is set at 567 euros for those who have supported the campaign, but will certainly be higher after the campaign.

The I’m Back initiative promises to be an adventure that is both very promising, but also fraught with pitfalls. As usual, don’t rush. Unless you are a modern-day adventurer ready to lose your stake.

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