we got our hands on the judgment of Oppo France

Yang Technology, the official distributor of Oppo in France, was ordered to pay 1.5 million euros in unpaid invoices to its subcontractor, Atmospheres. The body that represented Oppo in France was placed in compulsory liquidation on August 2.

Oppo announced last July that its French branch was ceasing operations. Information that will not have surprised many people, as the evidence and clues have been pointing in this direction for several months.

We are able to confirm to you, on the basis of court documents, that Yang Technology, which is often nicknamed Oppo France for the sake of simplicity, has indeed entered into judicial liquidation proceedings by a judgment of August 2, 2023 of the Commercial Court. from Nanterre. Thirty-five employees remain on the floor.

In addition, the company has been in cessation of payments since February 2, 2022, well before the rumors of departures from France. We understand better how catastrophic the year 2022 must have been for the Chinese giant.

A slate of 1.5 million euros

Last May, CssTricks had investigated on the basis of testimonials from Oppo sellers, working on behalf of a service provider called Atmospheres. This allowed us to confirm that the activity had been stopped for several months and that Oppo’s time on French soil was therefore limited.

During this investigation, several witnesses told us that Oppo France (Yang Technology) had not paid various bills. The figure then put forward was 2.74 million euros. A judgment of the Commercial Court of Nanterre of June 6, 2023, which CssTricks was able to consult, confirms some of these assertions.

On the basis of 9 invoices, Atmospheres attacked Yang Technology demanding the payment of 1,506,220.61 euros very precisely. The court agreed with Atmospheres and ordered Oppo France to pay, all “plus interest at the legal rate from the date of the summons”.

On this point, according to our analysis, the judicial liquidation and cessation of payment will not only freeze interest, but will certainly not allow Atmospheres to recover its debt. The latter is in fact not a priority, compared to that of privileged creditors, such as the State or employees.

We can undoubtedly think that Atmospheres is only the tip of the iceberg and that many subcontractors and business partners may never see their invoices honored.

Contacted, the Atmospheres agency had not been able to respond to us in the time preceding the publication of this article. It will be updated in the event of a reaction on their part. For its part, Yang Technology declined to comment on the matter.

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