Takich komputerów kupujemy coraz mniej, ale jest też zaskoczenie

We buy fewer and fewer such computers, but there is also a surprise

The IDC analytical company has published the latest report on the sales of gaming computers. The data is not the best.

The IDC report shows that sales of gaming computers were as much as 13.2% worse in 2023. compared to 2022. In total, 44 million units of this type of equipment were sold worldwide. This is no surprise, because the entire market was going through a crisis, but among this bad news there is also good news.

Computer sales in 2023

In total, computer sales fell by as much as 14.8% last year, which was the worst result for the industry in a long time. However, the situation in the gaming monitor segment may be surprising. This recorded a significant increase of as much as 20.3%. year to year. This was mainly due to the more expensive models with a refresh rate of at least 165 Hz. This increase in popularity is probably due to more attractive prices.

What about the future? The industry has reason to be optimistic. IDC predicts that 2024 will be much better. The difference will not be colossal, as experts predict a 1% increase in sales, which will be driven primarily by laptops. However, this is a signal that the coming years may be better. Interestingly, during this time, monitors are expected to sell by as much as 13.6%. Better.

Experts from IDC believe that by 2028, sales of gaming computers will increase to 52 million units and gaming monitors to 29.6 million.

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