Tytoń kosztuje nas miliardy, które można było wydać lepiej

We burn through billions. There is scientific evidence for this

PLN 55 billion – this is how much money is spent annually on tobacco products in England alone. As scientists emphasize, this is a huge amount of money that could have been spent better.

Shops, entertainment, services – we can leave our money in each of these places. Each such purchase is support for a specific entrepreneur. What if we left £11 billion with domestic companies (approximately PLN 55 billion at the current exchange rate)? This is how much English people spend every year on harmful tobacco products.

There are more benefits

Research on this topic was published in the journal Tobacco Control and was written by scientists from the University of Sheffield. Scientists have checked how much is spent annually on cigarettes and other tobacco products, and then analyzed how this money could be spent in cities and towns. According to The Guardian, the analysis used data from the Smoking Toolkit study, which included 18,721 adult smokers who estimated how much they spent on tobacco products. This data was then compared to figures from government tax revenues and national estimates of illicit tobacco use.

Application? “The total dividend in England is estimated at £10.9 billion a yearwhich equates to £1,776 per smoker or £246 per adult regardless of smoking status,” the study says. However, this money could have been spent on spending in local shops or services instead of supporting global tobacco concerts. There are more benefits calculated by researchers – researchers point out. This includes savings on co-financing for drugs related to smokers' diseases and a lower number of people dropping out of the labor market due to these problems.

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