We boarded the MG Cyberster, the first “convertible” electric car

MG will arrive next year with its Cyberster, a sporty two-seater convertible electric car with a devastating look. A way to return to the sources of the legendary English brand in 100% electric mode. Design, cockpit, performance, we tell you everything about the model exhibited at the Munich show.

Let’s start with a vocabulary point. Technically, a roadster is a car designed like a convertible, while a convertible is the open version of a sedan or a coupe. And so, with the Cyberster, MG has decided to make a real roadster, like in the good old days in the 50s and 60s, when the little English cars were the dream of the automotive world.

Certainly, its technical platform is derived from the MG4 and is not dedicated. But it has the advantage of resuming its entry-level propulsion architecture, offering agile and fun behavior on the sedan that we should find with this promising Cyberster.

The only electric precedent of its kind, the first Tesla Roadster was derived from a thermal model (Lotus), with a targa-type roof (the rear part remains fixed). Other projects have been shown (Tesla Roadster 2, still targa-style, the Polestar 02, etc.) and others are in the pipeline (Porsche in particular) but the MG will probably be the first to be marketed. Since the concept unveiled in 2021, the brand has been quick and here is the almost final version.

A roadster to make you dream

Hidden at the back of a hall in the Messe Munchen exhibition centre, MG Germany’s small stand for the IAA show is creating a buzz with its spectacular metal red roadster with elytra doors. These move electrically (ultrasonic sensors ensure that they stop in the event of an obstacle), creating a somewhat narrow passage to slip behind the steering wheel. A lesser evil in view of the “wow” effect provided by these doors worthy of a supercar.

The plunging lines of the front part, the very hollow sides, the long wheelbase, the sculpted rims, the low-rise 20-inch tires, the massive rear diffuser: there is no doubt that the Anglo-Chinese sports car is causing a sensation. Designed in England, the brand’s homeland, it belongs to the Chinese group SAIC and will be manufactured there.

If it gives a good impression of performance, its massive side (more than 4.50 meters) also reminds us that to ensure good performance, it will have to carry a large battery whose mass will go against agility. In the high version, it will be around the two tonnes on the scale. That said, a Tesla Model 3 Performance is quite capable of erasing any impression of heaviness thanks to its excellent dynamism, there is no reason why MG could not also succeed.

Solid technical sheet

Model MG Cyberster

4.54m x 1.91m x 1.33m

Power (horsepower)

536 horsepower

0 to 100km/h

3 sec

Level of autonomy

Semi-autonomous driving (level 2)

Maximum speed

200 km/h

Car side socket

Type 1

Entry-level price

57,000 euros

Product sheet

Two versions are announced for the Cyberster. The first is a propulsion with a simple motor, a battery of 64 kWh and around 450 kilometers of WLTP range, for an engine power of approximately 180 kW (245 horsepower).

The most powerful derivative is entitled to two engines and therefore all-wheel drive, for a total power of 400 kW (544 horsepower!). Rumors suggest around 3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. Its largest battery 77 gross kWh allows a WLTP range estimated at 500 kilometers. For recharging, with a maximum power of 140 kW DC, you will have to wait less than 30 minutes.

A cockpit dedicated to the driver

When you take a seat on board, you quickly understand that everything is designed around the driver (the pilot?). The passenger is in a space well separated by a high console topped with a large grab handle: be careful, it will shake!

The whole thing is tinted brick red, from the steering wheel to the seats, including the dashboard.

Three screens form a very complete instrumentation behind the small flat steering wheel, including two side touch screens. The steering wheel incorporates various buttons, joystick-style controls, paddles for driving modes and regeneration, as well as a red button with a provocative name: Super Sport. Enough to trigger the most radical mode to let loose on small roads.

The inclined central console incorporates a small vertical screen dedicated in particular to the air conditioning, in addition to a row of haptic buttons with direct access for its main settings. We were not able to manipulate this on-board system too much, which is still very Chinese, far from what its Europeanized version will be. Fortunately, the brand has accustomed us to good work in adapting its interfaces to our tastes (and our logic).

In this version still in prototype form, but very close to the final model, the quality of manufacturing and materials seemed neat to us and made a good impression. More annoying, we felt a little squeezed once seated on board, due to a fairly high line of side windows and a fairly long and inclined windshield pillar which stops quite close to the head. For the process of opening and closing the electric soft roof, 15 seconds is enough.

As for the trunk, its volume (not communicated) seems very correct for this type of car, thanks to a good depth.

Not before 2024

Orders for the Cyberster should open next summer for a beginner price at more than 60,000 euros at the very least. The first deliveries are expected in the fourth quarter of 2024, unfortunately too late to take advantage of the good season. But real fans of convertible cars – the English first and foremost – know how to take advantage of them in the slightest ray of sunshine with a sweater and a hat that go well.

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