We are intrigued by the latest products from Roborock

Beneath its suction expert look, Roborock is preparing surprises. The Chinese brand intends to tackle new areas with an ultra short throw projector and a washer-dryer.

Historically, Roborock has been known for its robot vacuums and stick vacuums. Based in Shenzhen, China, this brand has managed to carve out a place for itself in the global home appliance market, with an emphasis on quality and technological innovation. However, like many firms in Chinese Silicon Valley, Roborock is not content with its initial specialty and seems ready to push its boundaries.

From what we can gather, Roborock is preparing a foray into the home entertainment market with the Smart Projector R1, an ultra short throw projector. Specific product information remains quite limited, but the company has submitted this new product to the prestigious IF Design Awardswhich suggests a particular attention paid to its design and ergonomics.

According to the scant information available, this video projector would be distinguished in particular by speakers with an immersive system based on AI. An interesting bet for Roborock. However, it is still too early to judge the quality of this product, which should appear in the coming months.

A strategic turning point

But Roborock’s ambition doesn’t stop there. The brand plans to enter the field of laundry with the H1, a washer-dryer. A news that may surprise, but which shows the overflowing ambition of this brand in constant quest for diversification.

This model is already available in China, but little information has filtered on its potential international launch. We can expect a machine that combines performance and intelligence, like the brand’s previous products.

The arrival of Roborock in these new market segments represents a strategic turning point for the company. If it manages to impose its mark there, as it has done in the field of vacuum cleaners, Roborock could well become a major player in smart home appliances. However, competition is fierce in these two sectors, both in terms of design and performance or quality.

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