Zbliżamy się do granicy 9 GHz. Pokazano moduły RAM DDR5-8600

We are approaching 9 GHz. Record-breaking RAM modules were shown

You already have a top CPU and GPU, but you still lack performance? It's time to reach for record-breakingly fast RAM modules. A new proposition will be available in stores soon.

Both in the case of games and programs, the processor and graphics card always come first in terms of performance. But good RAM modulesespecially with appropriately high effective clock speeds and low latencies, they can add another few to several percent of efficiency.

We are talking about equipment for the greatest PC enthusiasts

And it so happens that V-Color boasted a record-breakingly fast model. If you don't know this manufacturer, we would like to remind you that we are talking about a Taiwanese company present on the market since 2006. So it's not a “freshman”.

Series V-Color Manta XFinity RGB has been enriched with a new model DDR5-8600. Thus, we get speeds of 8600 MT/s with delays of the order of 8600 MT/s CL 40-54-54-132 and tension 1.45V. The manufacturer emphasizes that these are memory for processors 14th generation Intel Core and newer platforms.

We are approaching the 9 GHz limit.  DDR5-8600 RAM modules shown

Full stability in the program MemTest Pro was confirmed both using the top unit Intel Core i9-14900K paired with the ASRock Phantom Gaming Z790I Lighting Wi-Fi motherboard, as well as a cheaper connection Intel Core i5-14600K plus ASRock Phantom Gaming B760I Lighting Wi-Fi.

The premiere is planned for mid-Juneso after the fair Computex 2024. Prices and available capacities have not been revealed, but for sure it won't be cheap. We're talking about equipment aimed at enthusiasts, which requires a CPU with a good memory controller and a decent motherboard with a reasonable RAM topology.

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