WD prezentuje rekordowo pojemne i szybkie karty pamięci

WD presents record-breaking capacity and speed memory cards

Do you create a lot of 4K and 8K video content? Do you store a lot of other data? Are you running out of space? Western Digital comes to the rescue!

Videos and photos, even taken with a smartphone, offer better and better quality every year. All due to newer matrices, higher resolutions and/or better bitrate. However, this means that the files themselves take up more disk space. Fortunately, more and more capacious solutions are coming to the market.

The new memory cards promise performance of up to 880 MB/s

During the event NAB Show 2024 taking place in Las Vegas (USA), the company Western Digital presented a number of new products. We're talking about memory cards, HDDs and data drives.

The new cards deserve special mention SanDisk Extreme PRO with record capacity 2 and 4 TB. These are solutions UHS-I class which ensures wide compatibility with most devices available on the market. However, they are not performance demons. Their store premiere is scheduled for this summer.

WD presents record-breaking capacity and speed memory cards

Those looking for top performance should pay attention to SanDisk Express, also available in SD and microSD card variants. Here we are only talking about capacities 128 and 256 GBbut in return the manufacturer declares the speed up to 650 MB/s for writing and up to 880 MB/s for reading.

WD presents record-breaking capacity and speed memory cards

Finally, the Americans announced the extension of the offer Western Digital Ultrastar 7200 RPM hard drives o capacity variants 24TB. They are great for servers and for data backup. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not reveal the suggested prices in Europe for its new products.

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