Volkswagen reveals a preview of the future ID.2 GTI: electric, compact and efficient

Volkswagen is doing it again with the Golf GTI: an affordable, fun and devilishly tempting little sports car, now 100% electric. One of the stars of the IAA show in Munich, here is the Volkswgen ID. GTI Concept which foreshadows the future ID.2 GTI.

In 1976, Volkswagen scored a big blow. The heir to the Beetle, the popular car par excellence, is the Golf, designed by the famous Italian designer Giorgietto Giugiaro. The Wolfsburg brand offers a sporty version stamped with the three magic letters GTI. Here is a high-performance car, fun to drive and affordable, easily recognizable by a few gimmicks designed to distinguish it from the rest of the range.

Red edging, spoiler and fender extensions in raw black plastic, logos, specific rims and inside, Scottish seat covering and a golf ball as a gear lever knob. Under the hood, a 4-cylinder 1.6 with 110 hp, enough to offer great performance to this car weighing… 800 kilos. And give him incredible success.

Here is the first electric GTI

In 2023: Volkswagen takes back the legendary GTI badge for the first time on its 100% electric ID range. It’s the little ID. 2all planned for less than 25,000 euros which provides the ideal basis for this modern-day compact sports car. Remember that this small 4.10 m sedan presented at the start of the year was designed to start at under 25,000 euros and thus become the brand’s first truly popular electric car (literally “Volkswagen” in German).

Its design, under the influence of the new design boss, Andreas Mindt, is far from VW’s latest achievements. Cuter, muscular, with a strong identity, it constitutes an ideal base for a vitaminized version. It’s this ID. GTI Concept which is one of the stars of the Munich auto and mobility show.

The essential kit

The recipe uses the ingredients of the original GTI. So the designers have added here to the body panels taken from the ID. 2all shields at the front and rear frankly sportier, applied fender flares still in raw plastic and designed a massive roof spoiler. Attractive, well-presented, and with a special sauce which gives it all its flavor, such is the brief set by A. Mindt. The designers had fun distributing a few Easter eggs, such as the inscription “Shut trunk before flight (close the trunk before taking off) hidden under the rear wing.

A multi-ambience interior

In the cockpit, naturally, the designers let loose too. They detailed the work carried out for us using sketches and animations. First, access to the vehicle is via a small physical box which is housed in the steering wheel and comes to life visually. The upper part of the steering wheel is translucent, while two screens display different graphic worlds according to the driver’s wishes.

You can switch from Silver Drive mode at the start to Red Turbo Mode, or even GTI Turbo for an atmosphere racing. It includes a 3D display of the car according to the lateral acceleration Gs and the layout of the circuit on which you are driving. It is planned to be able to win medals, video game style. In another style, you can also go completely into retro mode, with needle counters, a black and white LCD display and, in the central screen, a… cassette player.

The seats have a heart sensor which allows you to perceive the emotions felt while driving, materialized by a luminous heart. Chic. Physical feedback is given by vibrations in the seats to highlight the dynamic aspects of the car, always in a very video game spirit. In total, two screens and a head-up display distribute driving and entertainment information (but isn’t that the same thing in such a car?).

250 hp to play?

If the final technical sheet is not delivered to date, we can count on a power significantly higher than that of the ID. 2all (226 hp), still on the same MEB Entry platform in traction.

Let’s imagine around 250 hp with a front engine and traction aided by the intervention of an electro-mechanical differential and a DCC active suspension. This is enough to give great performance to this bomb, which will face the future Alpine A290 based on an electric Renault 5. The soundtrack will naturally be worked to go with the GTI DNA, a bit like the Abarth 500e.

Autonomy and recharging

On the battery side, the manufacturer is not more verbose, but let us recall here the data concerning the ID. 2all. It is designed for a maximum theoretical WLTP range of 450 kilometers, its battery can be recharged from 10 to 80% in 20 minutes in DC with a charging power of up to 125 kW thanks to a controlled charging curve.

Called ID.2 GTI, this car that we can’t wait to drive is only planned for a presentation at the end of 2025, with marketing probably for 2026, or even 2027. The time will seem long!

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