Wbijaj na Media Expert. Przydatny sprzęt wyrwiesz za ułamek ceny

Visit Media Expert. You can grab useful equipment for a fraction of the price

SBS Track My is a practical gadget that will be useful during your holidays. You can buy it at a great promotion.

If you travel often, you've probably felt that thrill of anxiety more than once or twice when your suitcase disappeared from sight for a moment or refused to show up at baggage claim for an exceptionally long time. Stress, quickly counting losses in your head, analyzing where to get enough clothes for the next few days… and then it turns out it's a false alarm. However, there is always a risk and the fear remains at the back of our minds.

SBS My Track – a practical gadget for travelers

If the above scenario sounds familiar, you should be interested SBS Track My. It's practical locatorthanks to which we can efficiently determine the location of not only our luggage, but also keys, wallet or any other small item with a tendency to mysteriously disappear from sight. We will determine the location of the item on the map using technology Apple Find My, and when we are close enough, the tracker will beep loudly. The device is compatible with iOS devices.

SBS Track My locator can be purchased for PLN 49.99 in the Media Expert store. This is a great opportunity worth taking advantage of, especially since the normal price of the accessory is close to PLN 100. Just so you don't have to worry about lost luggage during the upcoming May weekend.

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