Videophones and smart alarms, Somfy takes the turn of security

With the summer, the French company Somfy is taking the opportunity to strengthen its connected security offer with two new videophones and above all a new smart alarm.

Somfy quickly jumped on the connectivity bandwagon in the service of the smart home. The manufacturer already offers a range of connected security products and is taking advantage of the summer to strengthen it with two new videophones and a new connected alarm.

When the alarm becomes intelligent

With its new Home Alarm Essential reference, Somfy completes and above all improves its connected alarm offer. It consists of a Link Essential box which centralizes communication between the alarm and the door or window opening detectors.

The power station is an object with a minimalist, round and white design that will be discreet. It incorporates a battery that allows it to continue to operate for 24 hours without power supply.

The motion detectors feature Somfy’s IntelliTag technology, which allows them to detect vibrations on doors and windows. Their strength is to be able to differentiate between natural events such as the wind that makes the leaves vibrate or a ball that hits against an entrance and real break-in attempts with a crowbar, drill or sledgehammer.

To activate the set, Somfy offers three different solutions. A simple digicode which is completed by an intelligent remote control. For example, it reminds you to activate the alarm system when you leave your home. Finally, we have the Somfy Protect application which allows the finest control and, in addition to the alarm, there is control of all the other Somfy security products such as connected surveillance cameras.

The product is available from July 10 in two packs:

  • Home Alarm Essential Starter for small homes at 349 euros (a 105 dB indoor siren, an IntelliTAG opening and vibration detector, a remote control badge, an indoor motion detector and an Essential Link)
  • Home Alarm Essential which is available in several packs to better suit your needs. The starting price is then 449 euros.

Next-gen door entry systems

Somfy has just unveiled two new videophones, the V350 Connect and the V500 Connect. The objective is to bring connectivity to its products and thus better match new uses such as those linked to the explosion of home deliveries.

Of course, the control can be done from the screen of the videophone and especially from the Somfy Protect application. When someone rings your doorbell, you will receive a notification with a photo of the person in front to better anticipate your decisions. From the videophone, you can control five products directly, this can range from opening the garden gate, garage gate, door, rolling shutters or even activating lighting.

Two interesting products, but which are likely to wince those who have just invested in non-connected models. Good news, the manufacturer offers a connectivity module which is installed behind the interior monitors of the previous V350 and V500 videophones. They will then be fully taken care of by the Somfy Protect application.

All three products are available from July 10. Count 159 euros for the connectivity module for the V360n V500 and V500PRO io videophones. The V350 Connect is priced at 429 euros and the V500 Connect at 499 euros.

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