very high-speed internet is available almost everywhere thanks to the satellite connection

Do you live in a white zone, deprived of any internet connection? Starlink has a simple solution to allow you to enjoy very high speed satellite and even play online with low latency.

What a pleasure to wake up every morning surrounded by nature with the sweet song of birds! From now on, living in such an idyllic setting no longer necessarily rhymes with total disconnection.

Starlink offers an alternative to optical fiber and ADSL and allows everyone to access the Internet at very high speed, including in the most remote areas. This satellite service even promises a connection stable enough to play online video games.

Previously accessible only from the Starlink site, the Standard installation kit arrives at Darty at a price of 449.99 euros. A price to which you must then add a monthly subscription of 40 euros, without commitment. It’s barely more expensive than some traditional fiber internet offers.

The strength of Starlink’s satellite network

Still relatively unknown, Starlink is not new in France. Elon Musk’s firm launched its satellite internet connection services there in 2021 and promises very high speed throughout the country. A real asset for households not eligible for the usual fixed networks such as fiber optics, THD, ADSL or even cable.

To go further, Starlink is not content to simply provide access to the internet, but also displays a relatively low latency of an average of 25 to 60 ms. A feat for a satellite internet connection.

To achieve such performance, the American group has placed more than 4,000 satellites in low orbit, at an altitude of 550 km. By comparison, traditional satellite networks are usually more than 35,000 km above the ground. The path to be traveled by the signal being significantly reduced, the latency is just as much.

Starlink therefore makes it possible to effectively compensate for the lack of Internet network coverage in certain particularly remote areas. Thanks to this solution, people located in open country or even at the top of a mountain can also watch movies in streaming, exchange videos with their loved ones or even play online. Even better, the operator allows you to access the internet at high or even very high speed wherever you are, even when traveling, and always with low latency. A practical solution for travel lovers, those who live part of the year in France and the rest of the time abroad, but also all traveling professionals.

A quick and easy to install kit

If this solution is particularly efficient, it is also appreciated for the simplicity of its installation. No need to involve specialists and technicians, the kit provided by Starlink is ready to use and includes:

  • a router compatible with Wi-Fi 5;
  • an antenna accompanied by its base base;
  • the cables needed to connect the router to the antenna.

The American group has planned everything to facilitate the process as much as possible for its subscribers. Not only does the material withstand extreme temperatures (from -30°C to +50°C), rain (IP54), snow and windstorms, but its installation only takes a few minutes. Only prerequisite: Starlink requires a clear view of the sky to be able to connect to the satellites.

The Starlink application, available on Android and iOS, also comes as a support and allows you to check that the antenna is placed correctly. During the initial setting, it alerts you when an object, a tree or a building comes to obstruct the signal.

Once everything is installed, the system no longer requires any intervention on your part. Throughout the day, the antenna automatically adapts its inclination in order to continuously provide the best possible connectivity. On this point, all of the performances, including the upstream and downstream speeds, the latency time and the availability time, can be consulted live from the mobile application. They are estimated between 50 and 220 Mb/s for download.

Note that the kit alone does not provide internet access. This must be coupled with a Starlink subscription, the price of which is currently falling from 50 to 40 euros per month. This non-binding offer is among the most flexible on the market and can be activated or canceled at any time, depending on your needs. The Starlink Residential Standard equipment is now offered by Darty at a price of 449.99 euros.

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