VeloBank will check how you are holding your phone and mouse.  Wrong, it will block you

VeloBank will check how you are holding your phone and mouse. Wrong, it will block you

VeloBank introduces a new function that increases security. From now on, users of online banking and mobile applications can start the free behavioral verification service.

VeloBank customers can now activate the free subscription behavioral verification service – they will use it on the website i in the mobile application. What is it about? The verification system remembers how we use digital banking – how quickly we type, click or at what angle we most often hold the smartphone using the VeloBank application.

When the system detects that an unauthorized person is carrying out banking operations, it sends a notification and a suspicious person the transaction may be rejected.

The company Biuro Informacji Kredytowej (BIK) is responsible for providing behavioral verification to VeloBank customers.

Behavioral verification service – how to use it?

To take advantage of the new features in VeloBank, you must first: give consent to launch the service in digital behavioral verification channels. The solution is learning characteristic features of use by users from the mobile application and online banking. Thanks to this, the system remembers how customers use their smartphone screen, at what angle they hold the device, how quickly they type and how they use from a computer mouse.

As soon as the behavioral verification system detects that someone unauthorized has logged into our account and, for example, orders transfers, it will send a notification about an unusual situation, trigger additional authorization or even reject the questionable transaction

– explains Marek Korulczyk, Head of the Anti-Fraud Department in the VeloBank Security Department.

Behavioral verification collects data for blocking purposes unauthorized transactions and does it in the background, without the need for any action on the part of the client. Consent to behavioral verification is voluntary for VeloBank customers. They can also withdraw it at any time.

As part of behavioral verification, the bank and the Credit Information Bureau do not collect information about the client that would concern:what words and texts I enter, what websites it visits, what operations it performs. VeloBank argues that this is a solution that significantly improves customer security and at the same time does not interfere with their privacy.

Verification or otherwise behavioral biometrics is already known from our market. It was first introduced by mBank and is also available at ING Bank Śląski.

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