VeloBank introduces third party liability and comprehensive insurance.  Gives 10 percent discount

VeloBank introduces third party liability and comprehensive insurance. Gives 10 percent discount

VeloBank introduces a new offer – motor third party liability and comprehensive insurance in LINK4. The contract can be concluded fully remotely, without the need to copy the data from the registration certificate.

People who decide to take advantage of the offer of insurance Third party liability insurance or third party liability insurance/AC in LINK4 through VeloBank they will gain not only compulsory insurance, but also 10 percent discount from the basic price.

The policy conclusion process is ongoing 100 percent online and without unnecessary formalities. Vehicle and owner details are completed automatically in the insurance application, after providing the vehicle registration number and the date of birth of its owner.

LINK4 insurance in several variants

VeloBank offers the opportunity to adjust the scope of protection in LINK4 to individual needs. In addition to third party liability insurance, the offer also includes: AC in the ALL RISK variantprotecting the vehicle against the consequences of various events, e.g. damage due to an accident, forces of nature or in the event of theft.

The bank also offers SmartCasco – protection at a lower price than full AC, allowing you to choose only specific risks, e.g. natural forces, total loss or theft. In turn, thanks to the option Auto Assistance the customer will receive the necessary assistance in the first moments after an accident or breakdown – e.g. if it is necessary to replace a wheel, tow a disabled vehicle or run out of fuel. Payment for the policy can be divided into four installments.

In addition to the legally required liability insurance, VeloBank also offers: purchase of personal accident insuranceInsurance Keys Plus, vehicle glass insurance or discount protection clause. Customers can also choose Third party liability insurance for ecocyclists – civil liability insurance for damage that occurs in connection with the use of a bicycle or scooter. This applies, for example, to scratching a parked car while riding a bicycle or accidentally hitting someone on a bicycle path.

When purchasing third party liability insurance, customers receive it for free will receive a Green Card, i.e. an international insurance certificate that confirms that the vehicle has valid third party liability insurance (OC). It is required, among others: in countries such as Albania, Azerbaijan, Iran, Morocco, Moldova, North Macedonia, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine.

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