VeloBank has a new promotion with a bonus of up to PLN 1,000

VeloBank has a new promotion with a bonus of up to PLN 1,000

VeloBank has a new offer for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The new package includes the ability to open VeloKonto Firma without leaving home and a bonus of up to PLN 1,000. However, for companies that want to reduce the costs of IT infrastructure, the bank offers the option of renting electronic equipment.

VeloBank comes out with a new offer of services for entrepreneurs from the sector micro, small and medium-sized companies. To open a business account VeloKonto Firma, you just need to have an active private account and use an electronic signature. Everything can be done via online or mobile banking, without leaving your home.

VeloBank has also launched for the SME sector electronic equipment rental service with the possibility of purchasing them. Together with the partner Digital Care, he has prepared a comprehensive offer enabling rental, repair, transport and, optionally, purchase of ownership of devices needed in the company. Thanks to this, the company does not have to pay someone specially for the ongoing maintenance of the equipment, and at the same time has the opportunity to use the most modern models laptops or smartphones.

New promotion, you can gain PLN 1,000

VeloBank has also prepared a promotion for those running their own businesses. The offer is addressed to entrepreneurs who, until May 31, 2024 they will open an account and will ensure systematic revenues.

Thanks to this action, v You can gain PLN 1,000 in 6 months. The condition is maintenance balancesand accounts at the level at least PLN 3,000 and making one transfer to the Tax Office and ZUS per month.

The amount of refund to your account depends on the type and number activities completed on your account. For starters, VeloBank gives you, for example, PLN 120 for opening a business account and PLN 400 for concluding the first loan agreement. The bank gives PLN 120 for signing a terminal agreement, and PLN 90 one-time for renting electronic equipment.

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