VanMoof’s fate would be sealed within days

The Dutch media RTL Nieuws was able to speak with an administrator of VanMoof, who evokes a race against time for the takeover of the company.

In mid-July, VanMoof was officially declared bankrupt in the Netherlands. Like a domino effect, the bankruptcy then affected its French and British entities. The Batavian company is now playing against time: will it be bought by a buyer before everything collapses? That’s the big question.

The Micromobility group had positioned itself on the file, but VanMoof preferred to kindly decline to negotiate with other parties. And precisely, the negotiations are currently in full swing to record a potential restart of the brand, as we learn from the administrator Jan Padberg in the columns of RTL New.

Trek and Giant out of the race

According to him, the weekend should settle the situation, then result in new elements early next week. Namely, an agreement found, or not, with a company. It was rumored in particular that the American giant Trek and the Taiwanese company Giant were on the spot: this is not, or no longer the case.

The problem being: the longer the negotiations last, the greater the risk that the whole of VanMoof will crumble. Because for the moment, VanMoof is simply inactive – and not bankrupt – on the German, Taiwanese and Japanese markets. The official website even indicates that the firm is operational in the United States.

VanMoof S5

However, all these markets are necessarily in difficulty given the bankruptcy declared in the group’s native country. This has a considerable impact. And without the parent company, it is difficult to design a happy sequel for other markets. Especially since the trend would be for employees to resign.

People leave and plan other projects as long as it remains uncertainexplains Jan Padberg. This would be the biggest problem facing the company. Without staff, it’s complicated to keep any activity afloat.

The return of the Carlier brothers?

It is also rumored that the founding brothers of VanMoof, Taco and Ties Carlier, would be tempted to revive the machine via a recently created limited company, writesRTL New. Salvatore Palella, the CEO of Micromobility – which almost bought VanMoof – had explicitly mentioned it in a Twitter message (X).

On this subject, Jan Padberg simply kicked in touch: “No commentto do, we can read. The VanMoof saga should in any case come to an end, the happiest it is hoped, in the very near future. The survival of its e-bikes is clearly at stake.

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