VanMoof and its e-bikes could be saved

The company Micromobility submitted a takeover offer to VanMoof, declared bankrupt on July 17, 2023. The Dutch group would have welcomed it, which suggests a takeover. But all is not done yet.

The VanMoof saga continues. Officially declared bankrupt on July 17, the Dutch company specializing in connected electric bicycles – and considered a pioneer in the field – is already arousing envy. A first company has precisely positioned itself on the takeover: it is Micromobility.

Founded by American-Italian entrepreneur Salvatore Palella, Micromobility started in 2018 in shared two-wheelers (Helbiz for scooters, Mimoto for electric scooters) and vehicle rental. It has since diversified into e-commerce, still in the field of urban mobility.

A favorable reception

In its press release, the company says it wants to expand its “solution portfolio“. This potential acquisition would also allow it to consolidate “its long-term strategy, which aims to strengthen our leadership in the micromobility market“, can we read. Without saying more about his intentions with VanMoof.


Nevertheless, the Batavian firm welcomed this initial non-binding offer in a favorable way. This type of offer corresponds, broadly speaking, to preliminary discussions which act on the intentions of one, and the position of the other. Then comes a binding offer, which has legal value.

If VanMoof signs such an offer, then it must respect its part of the contract, failing which Micromobilty could sue it. Certainly, the Dutch group is in favor of a takeover, but it is now necessary to define the terms and especially the financial amounts. Not sure that VanMoof is nevertheless in a position of strength in this affair.

Temporary solutions while you wait

In the event of a takeover, will Micromobilty try to keep the brand afloat? Will he at least continue customer service? Or even develop a new offer of electric bikes? A lot of questions remain unanswered today, even if the next few months should bring us answers.

During this time, you can always call on the French expert in reconditioned electric bikes, Upway, to repair your VanMoof – attention, places are limited. Other solutions also exist, notably from the British start-up Boost as well as the Belgian manufacturer Cowboy.

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