USA w tarapatach. Nowa decyzja Chin to straty miliardów dolarów

USA in trouble. China's new decision means losses of billions of dollars

China has decided to take a very bold step. The Middle Kingdom gives up AMD and Intel processors, but also Western software.

The trade war between the US and China has been going on for a long time, and both countries have imposed subsequent export restrictions on each other. However, they concerned specific raw materials or the most efficient systems for working with artificial intelligence. However, it seems that the situation is getting worse.

This decision could cost Intel $1.5 billion

As reported by The Financial Times, the Chinese government has introduced new guidelines that aim to withdrawal of AMD and Intel processorsbut also operating systems from the family Microsoft Windows and foreign database software in favor of domestic options.

This, of course, applies to office computers and servers in government institutions, and this is officially argued as data security. In reality, however, it is about reducing the dependence of the Middle Kingdom on foreign companies, but also about building the local semiconductor industry.

Naturally such a decision will also have an impact on the consumer segment over time. Although you will have to wait for it for a while, because Currently, Chinese technologies are several or a dozen years behind Western ones. Either way, it's a big opportunity for companies like Huawei, Longson Whether Moore Threads.

China is a huge market for AMD, Intel and Microsoft. In 2023, the Reds derived approximately 15% of sales and the Blues approximately 27% of revenues from this country. Analysts indicate that the former company will lose several hundred million dollars due to the new ban, while the latter will lose up to USD 1.5 billion. The Chinese ban caused the value of AMD shares to fall by as much as 2% on the stock exchange today.

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