Update the mBank application.  You will hide your secrets

Update the mBank application. You will hide your secrets

mBank introduces a new feature to its mobile application. From today, all bank customers can use it.

From today (February 26), mBank customers can use the new version of the mobile application. This one does not introduce a major revolution, so there is no reason to worry. However, it has a new function that should appeal to all bank customers – reports Cashless.pl.

New function in the mBank application

Probably all banks offer a balance viewing function in their mobile applications without the need to log in. This is very useful because it allows you to control your account balance without having to enter a password or even log in biometrically, i.e. with a fingerprint. Meanwhile, mBank has gone a step further by introducing a new function in the application.

mBank customers can now hide their account balance, transaction amounts, and the value of deposits and investments. Moreover, such information can be hidden not only before logging in to the application, but also after logging in. The customers themselves apparently asked for this option and mBank decided to make it possible for them. The bank’s information also shows that similar functions will appear in the competition.

To hide all amounts, simply click the eye icon located in the upper right application log (available after logging in). The setting is remembered, so if we log out in hidden mode, the information will not be visible after logging in again.

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